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EIM 300-- Introduction to Educational Technology (3). This course is designed to prepare future educators with the necessary skills to effectively develop and use technology-rich activities in the student-centered classroom. Activities will correlate to the eight Learning Outcomes, and will include ISTE-NETS standards, and state and national content standards. Students must purchase LiveText.

EIM 503-- Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning (3).  Introduction to instructional technology focusing on methods for integrating technology and media into classroom instruction. 

EIM 504-- Learning Through Interactive Technologies (3). Survey of current software and web-based technological applications in alignment with educational industry trends.

EIM 505-- Digital Literacy in the Classroom (3). Study of current school-based technological processes and procedures with an emphasis on student and teacher empowerment in the areas of finding, evaluating, and using digital products; understanding social and ethical issues raised by technology; and applying critical thinking skills to the use of technology in the K-12 environment.

EIM 517 - Designing Virtual Learning Spaces (3).  Examines best practices of quality online courses.  Students will plan, design, and develop online instructional materials with a focus on collaboration and interactivity to improve the educational experience of the user. 

EIM 551 - Technology in School Environments (3). Examines the processes and technology in the K-12 environment including the media center, the classroom, and via wireless/data plan networks.

EIM 555 - Instructional Design  (3).  Design and development of a systematic approach to learner-based instruction emphasizing the role of technology and media in the learning process. 

EIM 610--Emerging Technology and Collaborative Tools (3). Introduces the latest innovative technologies that promote learning. Students will explore various learning environments and develop technology-enhanced educational activities that are engaging, collaborative, and place emphasis on increasing student achievement.


Coming soon! A complete degree program of study for the proposed Master of Science in Instructional Technology program

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