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EIM 300-- Introduction to Educational Technology (3). This course is designed to prepare future educators with the necessary skills to effectively develop and use technology-rich activities in the student-centered classroom. Activities will correlate to the eight Learning Outcomes, and will include ISTE-NETS standards, and state and national content standards. Students must purchase LiveText.

EIM 503-- Computer Based Instructional Technologies (3). Basic introduction to theory and operations of microcomputing hardware and software for instructional purposes. Concepts presented include computer systems, hardware and software, hands-on experience with selected productive software packages pertinent to the K-12 environment. LiveText software is required.

EIM 504-- Current and Emerging Instructional Technologies (3). Application of current and emerging instructional technology in the information age classroom. LiveText software is required.

EIM 505-- Curriculum Integration of Technology (3). Study of concepts and techniques for integrating various technology tools into K-12 curricula. Emphasis on problem solving with intuitive and systematic methods with implementation of solutions to be done with various technology tools and computers, appropriate software, multi-media devices, and courseware authoring software. LiveText software is required.

EIM 610--Emerging Technology and Collaborative Tools (3). Introduces the latest innovative technologies that promote learning. Students will explore various learning environments and develop technology-enhanced educational activities that are engaging, collaborative, and place emphasis on increasing student achievement.


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