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Academic Programs

The Communication department offers three concentrations: Broadcast, Public Relations, and Digital Journalism. The curriculum focuses on developing well-rounded communication professionals capable of interpreting and meeting the challenges of an exciting and dynamic industry. Communication professionals need a strong liberal arts background, an education in media-related issues, and "hands-on" skills to use with existing and evolving technologies.

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (128 units)

Curriculum changes in recent years have increased the emphasis on areas such as media diversity, media technologies, and media literacy (awareness). Statistical analysis techniques (survey research) are in high demand within media industries such as digital and broadcast journalism, as well as public relations.
The following lists what new/incoming students must complete in order to earn a degree:

Program-specific General Education Requirements

CS 201 Intro of Information Technology
CS 315 Intro to Web Design
MS 108 Exploring Math (statistics)
EH 141 Oral Communication
FL 101 & 102 Foreign Language; either Spanish (SH) or French (FH)  
Other General Education requirements

Core courses for all sequences (21 units)

COM 200 Intro to Mass Communication (3)
COM 345 Social Media & Society (3)

COM 380 Communication Law (3)
COM 385 Multimedia Production (3)

COM 390 Communication Ethics (3)
COM 415 Mass Com Research (3)
COM 491 Internship (3)

Core  for Digital & Broadcast only (3 units)

COM 404 Media Workshop 1 (1)
COM 405 Media Workshop 2 (1)
COM 406 Media Workshop 3 (1)

Concentration-specific Requirements

Broadcast Sequence

COM 205 Intro to Broadcast Writing
COM 301 Intro to TV Production
COM 302 Intro to Audio Production
COM 320 Video Production and Editing
COM 470 Advanced Electronic News
plus six hours COM electives

Public Relations Sequence

COM 315 Intro to News
COM 325 Publication Design
COM 330 Intro to Public Relations
COM 340 Public Relations Writing
COM 400 Public Relations Case Studies
COM 440 Public Rel. Campaign Management
plus six hours COM electives

Digital Journalism Sequence

COM 315 Intro to News
COM 325 Publication Design
COM 375 Internet Production
COM 410 Media Features
COM 420 Advanced Reporting
plus six hours COM electives

As students complete their courses, they should consult with their academic advisor and use the following form to monitor their progress:

Communication Graduation Requirement Checklist