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Curriculum and Instruction

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ECP Pathway to Graduation

ECP: Early Childhood P-3 and Elementary Education K-6

Semester Prior to TEP Admission

SPE 300 (3) Survey of Exceptional Children

FCS 352/353  (3) Child Growth and Development

ED 300 (2) Introduction to Teacher Education

Complete TEP Admission Process

Ensure 2.5 GPA

Secure Liability Coverage

English Competency Exam

Declare Major as ECP: Early Ch/Elementary

First Semester, Junior Year

ECE Block

ECE 303 (3) Intro to Early Childhood

RDG 304 (3) Early Literacy

ECE 309  (3) 21st Century Teaching and Learning Part 1

ECE 306 (3) Practicum in ECE


Suggested Praxis:

Elementary Multiple Subjects #5031

Second Semester, Junior Year

Literacy Block

RDG 312 (3) Children’s Literature

EED 344 (3) Developing Language Arts

RDG 342 (3) Teaching Reading

EED 339 (3) Practicum

Suggested Praxis:

Early Childhood Content Knowledge #5022


Suggested with Blocks or Summer Terms

EED 310 (3) Foundations of Effective Teaching

EED 350 (3) Diversity in the Modern Classroom

RDG 354 (3) Reading Diagnosis (Pre-Req: RDG 342)

ECE 407 (3) Assessment of Children

EED 409 (3) 21st Century Teaching and Learning Part II

Suggested Praxis: Teaching Reading #0204

First Semester, Senior Year

Content Block 

All math and science Pre-Reqs must be completed prior to entering Content Block

EED 341 (3) Mathematics for Children

EED 343 (3) Teaching Social Studies

EED 362 (3) Science for Children

EED 340 (3) Practicum


Suggested Praxis:

Principles of Learning and Teaching #5622

Teaching Reading #5204


C-Base (after 90 credit hours)


Second Semester, Senior Year


ED 495 (6) Internship in Education

ED 496 (3) Reflective Practices In Education

Suggested with Internship or Summer Terms

ECE 407 (3) Assessment of Children

C-Base (after 90 credit hours)

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