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Office of Clinical Experiences

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Clinical Experiences Placement Policy for JSU College of Education and Professional Studies

Placement Policy of Clinical Experiences 

  • The JSU Office of Clinical Experiences facilitates the placement of candidates. Decisions about placements are determined in collaboration with school districts, JSU College of Education of Professional Studies (CEPS) faculty, and Director of Clinical Experiences.
  • Diversity: The JSU CEPS is committed to providing candidates opportunities to observe and practice in diverse settings. Diversity is found in all school districts and programs with which the JSU CEPS has partnerships for placement, in terms of language, ethnic groups, socio-economic, gender, English language learners, disabilities and exceptionalities. Note: Candidates may not directly ask students about ethnicity or socio-economic status.
  • Candidate Eligibility: To be eligible for placement, each candidate must be admitted to JSU Teacher Education Program, be registered for appropriate clinical experience course(s), and submit an online clinical experience placement form (for practicum), which is found on the JSU Clinical Experiences website.  It is the candidate's responsibility to ensure information is truthful and kept current on file with the Office of Clinical Experiences.
  • The JSU CEPS must follow each district’s protocol for identifying a school and cooperating teacher. Due to the nature of the placement process and requirements by districts, candidates are not to have contact with a specific cooperating professional, principal, or district personnel, and are not to make any arrangements with a school district for a student teaching placement.  All placements come through the Office of Clinical Experiences.   
  • Candidates may NOT practice in schools where family members work or study, in order to minimize role confusion and conflict-of-interest issues that can undermine professional growth, performance and evaluation. Established partnerships and professional relationships between JSU CEPS, specific schools and school districts are jeopardized if direct candidate contacts occur.  "Family" is defined as, but not limited to, the following: spouse, child, grandchild, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, grandparents, niece/nephew, cousins, sister-in-law/brother-in-law, mother/father.  This information must be disclosed on the application for internship.
  • You may NOT complete a clinical experience where you attended high school unless it has been more than ten years since your graduation. Do not list this as a requested choice for placement on your application for internship.
  • The Office of Clinical Experiences may ask for candidate preferences in the location of clinical experiences, but preferred placement is not guaranteed.
  • A candidate who refuses an assigned placement will not be able to be reassigned until all other candidates are placed for that term and may not have a placement until the following term, due to the large number of placements made each term and the needs of other candidates.
  • You may intern where you completed your practicum when both parties agree to the placement, if you have substantial field experience completed in all required grade levels of your certification.
  • There are many factors that affect ultimate placement location. As hard as we try, you are NOT guaranteed placement of your choice.  
  • If you are ECP and complete an upper level practicum placement, you will NOT have an upper grade placement for internship.
  • If you are Secondary Education and completed an upper level practicum placement, you will probably NOT have an upper level placement for internship. You would be placed in a junior high grade and vice versa.
  • Applications that are incomplete or not legible will NOT be processed, which will delay placement.
  • Applications that are late will NOT be given priority.

Effective Fall, 2016: Courtesy Placement Policy 


Courtesy Placements for JSU Teacher Candidates
Beginning fall 2016, JSU teacher candidates will not be permitted to complete their internship or practicum field experiences via courtesy placements (i.e., any school outside the JSU 70 mile placement radius).

The aforementioned changes are due to upcoming ALSDE state certification testing requirements, and consequential revisions to JSU's field experiences and program requirements.

Courtesy Placements for Non-JSU Teacher Candidates
Beginning fall 2016, JSU will no longer host non-JSU student teaching candidates during their student teaching internship or practicum, due to upcoming ALSDE state certification testing requirements and consequential revisions to JSU's field experiences and program requirements.


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