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Placement Policy (including Courtesy Placements for Interns)

Placement Policy for Internship 

  • You may NOT intern where you have any family attending or employed. This information must be disclosed on the application for internship. Give accurate information. "Family" is defined as, but not limited to, the following: spouse, child, grandchild, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, grandparents, niece/nephew, cousins, sister-in-law/brother-in-law, mother/father.
  • You many NOT intern where you attended high school unless it has been more than ten years since your graduation. Do not list this as a requested choice for placement on your application for internship.
  • You may intern where you completed your practicum when both parties agree to the placement.
  • There are many factors that affect ultimate placement location. As hard as we try, you are NOT guaranteed placement of your choice.  Final placements will NOT be released earlier than one week before the current semester begins.
  • If you are EED and complete an upper level practicum placement, you will NOT have an upper grade placement for internship.
  • If you are Secondary Education and completed an upper level practicum placement, you will probably NOT have an upper level placement for internship. You would be placed in a junior high grade and vice versa.
  • Students should NOT contact Boards of Education or schools to ask for placements. All placements come through the Office of Clinical Experiences.
  • Applications that are incomplete or not legible will NOT be processed, which will delay placement.
  • Applications that are late will NOT be given priority.
  • If you have extenuating circumstances related to legitimately needing special consideration with regard to making your placement, you must let Clinical Experiences know upfront and include a written explanation of your circumstances detailing why you might need special consideration with your application.

Steps for Completing Courtesy Placement  (INTERNSHIP ONLY)
(Enrolled at JSU but supervised by another institution)


  1. The prospective pre-service teacher submits in writing to the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences a request to complete internship through another NCATE accredited institution. This request is forwarded to your department head for recommendation, and then to the Dean of the College of Education and Professional Studies for final approval. The request must be approved one semester prior to the actual internship.
  2. In the request letter, the reason(s) for courtesy placement should be stated, the name of the prospective supervising institution given, and a current address and phone number listed for the prospective student teacher. Permission will be granted only in exceptional cases (i.e. family illness, transfer of spouse, etc.).
  3. Once approval has been granted, the prospective pre-service teacher is free to contact the selected institution and make arrangements for courtesy placement.  If the selected institution agrees to supervise the student, they will secure placement and university supervision for the pre-service teacher. The supervising institution usually charges a fee for this service, which the student is responsible for providing, in addition to the JSU tuition for the internship semester hours.
  4. Once arrangements have been secured for internship, the supervising institution must send - on letterhead - documentation of NCATE/SACS accreditation and acceptance to supervise the JSU prospective preservice teacher. The institution must also include a brief description of the program requirements, the name of the university supervisor, the cooperating teacher, and the assigned school/grade level. This letter should be sent to the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences.
  5. Documentation on letterhead must also be sent from the cooperating school stating the name of the cooperating teacher and that the pre-service teacher will have full-time supervision.  A copy of the school district’s calendar should also be attached, and both documents should be sent to the Office of Clinical Experiences.  
  6. An intern progress report must be sent at mid-term, as well as copies of all observations and a final evaluation/ grade; these must be sent to the Coordinator of Clinical Experiences by the semester’s end.  Failure to meet the grade reporting deadline could result in delayed graduation for the pre-service teacher.
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