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Clinical Experience Levels

Level I
These experiences are included in professional studies classes and, in particular, method classes. They involve micro-teaching, project and unit development, subject matter portfolios, group research, presentations, and other activities.

Level II
Activities for these experiences are provided in the T/LC and the Nursery School. The purpose of these experiences is to provide opportunities for one-to-one tutoring and interaction for college students with area children. Students diagnose learning needs and develop and implement learning activities.

Level III
These experiences are provided in collaboration with local schools and provide gradual exposure to the classroom. They include observations, teaching, and participation in school activities. College professors, along with classroom teachers, monitor the student's performance.

Level IV
Students spend approximately 15 weeks in this level with carefully selected mentors. Called internship or student teaching, this level provides continuous, closely-monitored experiences that involve observations, participation in teaching, extensive continual teaching, and other duties of the classroom teacher.

Level V
The College of Education and Professional Studies provides support services to its first and second year teachers and their supervisors upon request. If first- and second-year teacher supervisors identify weaknesses that must be addressed, the faculty is available to develop a personal/professional improvement plan.

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