Stone Center

JSU Drama is housed in the Ernest Stone Performing Arts Center, which holds two performance spaces as well as our classrooms and costume facilities.

Performance Spaces

CarltonWard Stage

The primary performance space is the 334 seat R. Carlton Ward Theatre which has a modified apron stage that, when the apron is removed, converts the theatre to a 372 seat proscenium theatre with an orchestra pit. The proscenium opening is 36’ wide by 20’ high. The auditorium has continental style seating with ADA access. The stage is 76’ by 32’ with a 60’ high grid. The stage has a 32 lineset single purchase counter-weight system with four wired electrics and a full set of stage curtains.

The Studio Theatre, also located in the Stone Performing Arts Center, is a flexible “black box” theatre that can seat up to 80 people. The theatre is equipped with a fixed lighting grid, a 24 channel lighting system, and a sound system. Both sound and lighting control are located in a small booth that is next to the theatre. The space has mirrors and ballet Barres for dance and is used as a rehearsal space and for acting/movement classes as well.

Scenic Facilities


The Drama Department’s scenery shop is a 76’ by 32’ room with a 21’ high ceiling and a wooden floor.  It is located directly in back of the stage with a 20’ high powered door leading to the shop.  The scenery shop is equipped with a full set of professional woodworking tools including a 14” table saw, a 16” radial arm saw, a 3 HP shaper, a 20” band saw, a 6” Jointer, a drill press, and a 20” planer all connected to a central dust-collection system.  The shop contains a paint area with triple sinks, a TD’s office, and a lumber storage racks. The shop also has a metal cutting area with a metal cutting saw and metal storage racks. The 22’ by 32’ prop shop is located next to the scenery shop and includes woodworking benches, a 60 gal 5 HP air compressor, a 42” lathe, a 12” scroll saw, a narrow belt sander, a Mortiser, a bench mount Drill Press, a Floor mount Variable speed Drill Press, and a bench oscillating spindle sander. The woodworking tools are connected to a dust collection system. Metal working tools include a metal cutting band saw, a fume extractor, 2 MIG welders, an arc welder, and an oxygen-acetylene welding/cutting torch. 

  The shop has excellent lighting and adequate electrical service for the tools. The scene shop has 2 air filters along with a new central dust collection system for all power tools.  There is a prop shop located next to the scene shop with additional tools and benches for prop and furniture construction and repair.  The prop shop has a large exhaust fan and its own dust collection system.  There are two large scenery and furniture storage rooms located off stage left which allow easy access. 

Costume Facilities


The costume shop is 25’ by 38’ with good lighting, south facing windows, a dye room with sink, and numerous storage cabinets. Equipping the costume shop are two large layout/cutting tables, nine industrial sewing machine, two sergers, a blind stitch machine, an embroidery machine, a walking foot machine, steam irons, 2 steamers, numerous mannequins, and a dye room with sink and washer/dryer, and numerous storage cabinets for fine costumes and supplies. The classroom is connected to the costume shop has additional work tables, drafting tables, a tool bench, a sink, and storage cabinets.

The costume storage room has space for over 9000 pieces.

Lighting and Sound

light board

The Drama Department’s lighting system in the Stone Center Theatre is an ETC Sensor Dimming System containing 288 2.4K dimmers, an ETC Ion Control Console with iPad remote, a DMX network that has access points all around the theatre along with wireless DMX, and a house light system with work light controls.  The Second Stage Theatre contains 2, 12 channel Strand CD 80 2.4K dimmers with an ETC Smartfade Control Console.  The department has over 250 ETC conventional lighting instruments, 8 Selecon Cyc lights, and three automated lighting fixtures.  Additional lighting equipment includes 16 color scrollers, 2 gobo rotators, a film FX unit, and a strobe unit.

The main sound booth is equipped with a YamahaLS9-32 mixing console with iPad remote setup, a SFX Sound Computer, CD player, cassette player/recorder, 16 wireless microphones, effects units, 2 amplifiers with equalizers, 2 Yamaha powered in- wall speakers, 2 Mackie powered subwoofers, four portable speakers, and numerous microphones and stands.  The system also has a stage listen system and an intercom system with 6 wired stations.  The stage is also equipped with a video camera, a video network, and a stage Managers video monitor. The camera has IR emitters that allow the stage manager see in a blackout. The department also has an electric 88 key piano keyboard and ADA sound assist system.  The Second Stage Theatre system includes a six-channel mixer, amplifier, cassette deck and CD player, and a 2 speaker system.  

Computer Lab

The department has a small department lab with 10 Windows graphic workstations with CAD software, 3D design software, WYSIWYG Lighting Design Software, and music production-digital audio production software.  A few of the computers have digital film editing software. The lab also has 3 iMac computers with film editing software, 3D design software, and audio software. The department also has 2 windows laptops and 3 17” PowerMacs. In addition the lab has digitizer tablets for each computer workstation, a Black & White Laser printer, a color printer, a network hard drive, and a 42” color plotter.  

For safety policies and procedures in these spaces and for the department please see the safety manual.