Drama & Film Minor

Minor in Drama:

The drama department offers a minor in Drama.  For the catalog year 2018-2019, the minor requires a minimum of 24 hours, which must include:

DR 241  Acting

DR 242  Introduction to the Theatre

DR 250 Student’s Theatre (1 hr)

DR 284  Stage Crafts

DR 349 Theatre Practicum (2 hrs)

DR 361 and 362  Theatre History I and II

An additional 6 hours of drama electives numbered 300 or above are required.

Minor in Film and Entertainment Technology:

JSU Drama offers a minor in Film and Entertainment Technology.  Implemented with support from the Northeast Alabama Film Initiative this program within the drama department prepares students to work in all aspects of filmmaking and entertainment areas beyond theatre.  The program combines courses in film technology covering camera, lighting and audio production in film with supporting courses in other aspects of technical work such as design, make-up, scenic construction or costuming.  This program is led by Guest Artist in Residence and Hollywood veteran Jeffrey Nichols.


Students minoring in Film/Entertainment technology must complete 24 hours which must include:

DR 230 Introduction to Filmmaking
DR 231 Film Technology Foundations I
DR 232 Film Technology Foundations II
DR 235 Camera and Film Techniques
DR 284 Stagecrafts
EH 309 or 409

Film Noir, Westerns, and Melodrama or
The Art of the Film

Minors must also complete 6 hours of electives from Drama design/technology courses

See Catalog for the full list.  Examples include Theatrical Design, Costume Design, Sound design and Stage lighting.

Other opportunities

JSU Film Workforce

Advanced students may join the JSU Film Workforce, in order to gain hands on experience on professional film and video shoots.  This program is a partnership between the drama department and various producers and companies in which students have the chance to assist in various positions during shooting on location or in studio.  

Longleaf Studios

In summer 2019, JSU bought the building which houses Longleaf Studios with plans to begin remodeling the building with new classrooms and technology to host our film classes. 

JSU Film Club

The JSU Film Club meets throughout the year to plan and work on a variety of projects.

Reis Web
Students work on a shoot during the Eric Reis Masterclass
Students work in front of the green screen at Longleaf Studios (photo by Graham Lewis)