Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Diversity and Inclusion are extremely important to all of us at Jacksonville State University. As the Friendliest Campus in the South, we are a very welcoming and inclusive community to all. We welcome people to visit, work, play and study on our campus irrespective of their race, color, creed, place of origin, gender, sexual orientation, political affiliation etc. Diversity and inclusion makes us better, stronger and more successful, and we are proud of our diversity.

Our University Strategic Plan reflects the importance of diversity and provides a global perspective reflecting that we respect others and their ideas no matter who they are and from here they hail. Diversity of ideas and openness to others’ opinions and perspectives makes the university stronger and develops students into better future professionals and citizens. A true university is still a bastion for free speech and debate. JSU is proud to reflect this ideal.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

The purpose of this Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan is to communicate Jacksonville State University’s (JSU) commitment to diversity and inclusion, to outline planned activities, inclusive programs and services which meet the needs of our growing community, and to remove barriers to services and programs across the University. JSU recognizes and values the contributions made by all constituents and desires to create and sustain an even more inclusive environment for people of all races, ethnicities, faiths, and cultures to study and work in a supportive, diverse community which recognizes strengths and where new ideas are embraced.

Jacksonville State University will be a national leader and model for the institutional integration of diversity, inclusion and acceptance in higher education for the 21st century.

Jacksonville State University is committed to providing a transformative academic environment that values diversity, inclusivity, access and equity within the community

The concept of diversity encompasses an inclusive community of people with varied human characteristics, ideas, and political/world views including and not limited to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, color, creed, national origin, age, disabilities, socio economic status, life experiences, geographical region, or ancestry. Jacksonville State University fosters an environment of equality that respects and embraces our differences.

The following goals are based on a vision of a diverse, multicultural atmosphere as expressed in JSU’s Diversity Statement and Affirmative Action Statement. The Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

committee, comprised of an interdisciplinary group of faculty, staff and students, believes that an organization cannot, for example, recruit and retain minorities and underrepresented groups unless it has developed and implemented educational opportunities, cultivated an inclusive campus climate, and developed an exemplary diversity and inclusion program.

Goal 1

Develop and implement educational opportunities for the JSU community about the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Develop ongoing training opportunities for current employees.
  • Provide diversity and inclusion awareness during the onboarding stage of all new employees.
  • Promote the tenets of Diversity and Inclusion to all students.

Goal 2

Cultivate an Inclusive Campus Climate.
  • Recruit and retain diverse and engaged workforce.
  • Recruit, retain, and graduate a diverse and engaged student body.
  • Provide an accessible environment with appropriate resources.

Goal 3

Develop an exemplary Diversity and Inclusion program.
  • Promote and participate in community partnerships.
  • Present the JSU Diversity & Inclusion Program to other universities and affiliates.
  • Identify means/resources to offer diversity focused grants.