Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Eight JSU employees and students of diverse backgrounds

Diversity refers to the traits and characteristics that make people unique while inclusion refers to the behaviors and social norms that ensure people experience a sense of belonging. Jacksonville State University is committed to celebrating and welcoming differences. Understanding and appreciating interdependence of humanity and cultures. JSU’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion is dedicated to intentionally creating a welcoming environment to all of our students.

Events, Holidays, Observances

Jacksonville State University’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion condemns expressions of hate, bias and discrimination in all forms. We recognize the recent violent attacks and shootings of our fellow Americans throughout the nation.

Please know that JSU is committed to fostering a welcoming community, and that we are becoming more aware of racial and social economic issues to support our African, Asian, Hispanic/Latinx and LGBTQIA American and all international students, faculty and staff. Through educational workshops and conversations, we are learning how to be a part of the solutions of racism.

As part of our efforts to create and sustain an inclusive community, please email us your thoughts and suggestions on how The Office of Diversity & Inclusion can better serve our students.

Thank you,

Mrs. Charlcie Pettway Vann Director of The Office of Diversity & Inclusion