Information About the University:

What We Offer

Because JSU does not have a PhD program, undergraduates and master level graduate students get opportunities for research involvement not normally afforded to students at other universities. Many of our students have coauthored published papers in reviewed journals. Students from our lab are very well trained and are sought after by the leading researchers in the field. Virtually all have gone on to premier PhD programs with more than adequate financial support.

What Would Be Expected Of You

While ability is a consideration, we expect you to have a very strong interest in understanding behavior, and a deep committment to expend the energy necessary to be among the very best.

If You Would Be An Entering Freshman

As you may know, research psychology like a medical career requires about 8 years of education beyond high school. The big crunch will come when you try to get into a PhD program after you get your bachelor's degree. As an undergraduate university, we are well aware of that challenge and do what we can to help you.

You are in the very enviable position of having four years to prepare for graduate school. Wherever you go, if you study very hard the whole time and get the right opportunities, you are most likely to get into a very good graduate school and get enough financial support to cover your expenses (currently around $15-20,000 per year).

If You Are Not An American National

We are aware of the difficulties facing foreign students. The JSU program tailored to the needs of international students has received wide acclaim. We are tolerant of problems caused by the transition to the american situation.

For further information regarding the International student program e-mail

If You Want To Upgrade Your Credentials

Many students have found themselves in the predicament of not having the credentials that will get them into the graduate program of their choice with the level of support they need. We believe that the time it takes to get yourself ready for a credible application is small when compared to the cost of losing your first career choice. Check with your first choice PhD program to see what would help strengthen your application. If studying at this lab serves your purposes, contact us.

Contacting us

Mail to:
Dr. William Palya
Ayers Hall Rm. 15
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL 36265 USA

Phone: (256) 782-5641
Fax: (256) 782-5680



Date Last Reviewed : Jan 3, 2007