Overview of the Internet Tutorial. Subjects to be discussed are:


If you consider just how many computers there are in the world the aggregate info on them it boggles even the wildest imagination.


The concept of a world-wide interconnection of these computers with individual addresses and communications standards is the internet.


As an interconnection example, the computer on the left could call the computer on the right and ask for some specific piece of information. The computer on the right could then return the requested information. This would be an example of a client/server interaction where the computer on the left is the client and the computer on the right is the server.


A combination of global networking and client/server protocols creates the Internet... A world wide source of information in its broadest meaning.


Connecting to the internet is (or could be) as if each person had a nearly infinite disk attached to their system that other people contributed to. All the information on all the computers can be quickly had as easily as reading a disk.


What can you do with the internet?


Advantages of internet over a library:

Advantages of a library over internet:

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