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The next continuity to illustrate is between behavioral adaptation and participational adaptation.

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Participational adaptation is at the next higher level of molarity.

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This slide illustrates participational adaptation. Participational adaptation is the relationship between the proportion of a set reacting to an event and properties of the extractor or relationships between extractor events. The behavior of specific individuals within the set is irrelevant. A simple example would be an advertisement and the resulting proportion of the population buying the product. No one really cares specifically who buys a product, just how many and how to get more.

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The reductionistic machinery underlying the proportion of a group reacting to an extractor is obviously the behavioral adaptation of the individuals making up the group. A reductionistic explanation for short-term adaptation in turn would be cellular adaptation.

The context for short-term behavioral adaptation is provided by participational adaptation by specifying the proportion of the individuals which react like the target individual.

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