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Activities at SEBAC center around teaching and research. The following sequence illustrates our research and research-support activities.

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The research at SEBAC centers around understanding the "organization of behavior in time" and a resulting higher-order specialty", the determinants of response cycles."

This has involved us in two additional activities: the development of apparatus tools, such as computer hardware and support software; and the development of conceptual tools, such as analytical and graphical techniques; and paradigm development.

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Research, like any other activity, is carried out within some frame of reference. It is much like chess moves, which are carried out within a game defined by the rules of chess. It is only with respect to the paradigm that research questions, research designs and research results can be understood or evaluated. Initially, therefore, the paradigm within which the research is embedded is presented.

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As with any science, we are interested in describing dependent variables as a function of independent variables.

What causes the measure of a phenomenon to increase or to decrease?

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Various sciences differ with respect to: the molarity of the relationships they study, the time scale of that change, the goal of the research, the explanatory anchor, the preparation used, and the position taken on what have come to be called philosophical perspectives.

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