Phoebe's Arrival

Phoebe arrives at her new home, apprehensive about her new family and her role in supporting the family.

Ever the independent one, she orders the construction of a series of traditional style chihuahua nests, built to her specifications. She pays careful attention to the heating system, checks for peas under the mattress, and verifies locations convenient to local supplies of food and water.

Chihuahua Nest



Phoebe's new nest passes all tests! The contractors are gratified at Phoebe's enthusiastic acceptance of their handiwork.

There is some brief confusion regarding dietary requirements... and the lack of a straw.

Dietary Dilemma

Phoebe visiting

Phoebe begins meeting the natives at her new abode.

She finds virtually instant acceptance, perhaps because she kisses on the first date.

Phoebe Kissing

Phoebe Rampant

In her quest to find a career to support her family, Phoebe considers the job of corporate icon. In preparation for her assault on wall street, Phoebe practices her "irrational exuberance" with the "Phoebe rampant" pose.

Phoebe tries out for a variety of Hollywood parts. She becomes well known for her wit and good natured pranks. Here she catches a famous star unaware with the classic cold nose to the back of the neck.

Chihuahua Attack

Chihuahua Humor

Soon Phoebe has the other actors rolling on the floor in laughter. Her predilection for slap-stick earns her the moniker of "Chihuahua Chaplin", but unfortunately her comedy talents are not sufficient to support her family.

Relying on her effervescent personality and her innate talents at unconditional positive regard to make up for her lack of experience, Phoebe tries her hand at being a therapy dog. Here she's seen trying Rogerian therapy on a patient.

Therapy Dog

Chihuahua Master

Springboarding off her success as a therapist, Phoebe tries her hand as a new age guru. Phoebe attracts a number of devoted followers, including some celebrities. Here she can be seen imparting the "ancient wisdom of the chihuahuas" to one of her acolytes.

Traditional lessons include shoelace untying, the fake look away and lick move (most effective to the nose), and finding the most inopportune times to play tug-of-war with people's toes.

Phoebe has a brief career as a stage hypnotist. Here we catch her hypnotizing an audience volunteer into believing they are a duck.

Her career fizzles when booking agents realize she can't actually be seen over the stage lights and she finds very few opportunities for hypnotists in TV or movies.

Chihuahua Hypnotist

Rescue Mission

In her spare time Phoebe volunteers for the local rescue team. Ever one to capitalize on her natural abilities, she specializes in extrications from narrow spaces.

Here we see Phoebe demonstrating her patented technique for rescuing people trapped in cardboard tubes.

Phoebe begins mapping the surrounding area in a series of wide ranging explorations. Although she would never confirm it, it was thought that she had hopes of leading a chihuahua invasion and takeover of the local area. She compiles extensive maps of sunny places, toy locations, and interesting smells.

Scouting Mission

Crop Formations Discovered

Shortly after Phoebe moved to her horse ranch, strange crop formations began to be discovered in the area.

Suspecting one of Phoebe's practical jokes, a deer camera was hidden in the fields and recorded this strange scene. Phoebe and several unidentified assocates were caught in the act of creating a crop circle. When questioned about the identity of her helpers, Phoebe claimed that Chihuahuas were actually shape shifting aliens and were responsible for most of the existing crop circles.

Crop Circles in Progress

Warehousing Crop Circles

Confronted with the evidence, Phoebe reveals her secret of creating crop circles overnight. The Chihuahuas construct and warehouse the crop circles at a central location and then move them to the unsuspecting farmer's fields.

The crop circles shown here are built on their side for easy relocation, but are laid flat at their final destination.

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