Lab Facilities at SEBAC 


The control center of the lab. Doubles as the seminar room when viewed from the other direction

Betty’s Office

As can be seen, where the work gets done. All the correspondence and manuscripts pass through here. A close inspection will reveal Phoebe in the lower left.

Don’s Office

The analysis center. All the control programs, analyses, and graphics originate here. ”” can be seen behind the chair. It is the number 1 site in Google for "Psychology" hits.

Student Carrels

The once and future student carrels. Currently pending reinstallation.

Running Room

The running room with 11 experimental chambers. Each chamber contains its own microprocessor-based controller which is networked to a windows system. The 2 green boards that make up the controller can be seen attached to the rear of each chamber. More information on the controllers is here.

Video System

An Avid video editing system with various format recorders and an audio processing subsystem.

Poster System

A Mac and two wide format ink jet printers. Posters are printed here. A watercolor of a student in the behavior analysis lab can be seen in the upper right.

Old Stuff System

Equipment not supported under new operating systems have their own machine. It's slow but cheap.

Conference Room

The seminar presentation room is used to review results, develop explanations, and plan research.


The place to relax, have coffee, and chat.


The storage, repair, and construction facility of the department.

Introduction to Behavior Analysis Lab

Students are given the opportunity to shape their own pigeon to engage in a variety of schedule-controlled behaviors and prove for themselves that behavior is the result of experienced contingencies.

Equine research facility

Equine research facility. The barn, arena and farmhouse can be seen. More pictures are here.

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Last Updated : September 5, 2008