Lab Residents at SEBAC 


Bill Palya heads the lab and provides the energy and direction to keep us going. Take a look at the research activities for an explanation of his and the lab's paradigm. Here Bill is shown demonstrating his Bipolar model which describes how behavior is organized in time.


Betty Palya does secretarial work, data analysis, PC board construction, graphics design, and whatever else you can think of. In other words, she's the one that does the real work. Ask for her when you call.


Don Walter (viewing his favorite web page above) is an electrical engineer that designs the experiment controllers. He also writes experimental programs, does the data analysis, and does the technical work on the network (including these web pages).


 Shown here are Phillip, and Plamen, two of the students at SEBAC engaged in various research activities at the lab.


Gorby is a Chihuahua and weighs in at about 2.5 pounds. Our Gorby is the one on the right with the ears. A larger selection of Gorby pictures is available on the Saga of Gorby web page.

Gorby was recently feted at the ABA Follies.


Phoebe weighs about 2 pounds and is about 5 months old at the time of this picture. Phoebe is a Chihuahua with a distinctive black and white marking and is caught here in a rare moment of subsonic velocity. For a closer look at Phoebe see her web page.


Louise is a female ferret. She's gentle, friendly, and is eager to play with humans. She loves to play hide and seek. She's very particular about her snacks... she eats only fruit loops.



 Emily is a hotot rabbit and is very affectionate. The pictures capture her personality well. She is always carefully watching passers by for potential nose scratches. She eats almost anything, especially waffles and bananas.


Charlie is a male chinchilla. He is somewhat independant as can be seen by his flight or fight posture.

Real Workers

The real workers around here are the pigeons. The rest of the animals are pets. The first bird, a White Carneaux, is designated 555 and is currently working on an experiment designed to determine the transfer function of an organism based on it's response to a pulse procedure. Below are two birds, on the left is number 88 weighing in at 260 grams (a small pigeon) and on the right is number 186 at 1076 grams (that's incredibly large for pigeons). Number 186 is currently working on a procedure investigating Bipolar control in temporal schedules. Number 88 is currently between jobs.

A Worker at work

 The pigeon shown here is pecking on a "pigeon key" in a "skinner box". This is the classic arbitrary behavior which is the subject matter of basic research in Psychology. The control computer can be seen to the left behind the plate.


Behavior is maintained through the use of reinforcers which are obtained from a food magazine located behind the plate. 

Mark and Maggie May

Among the largest members of the group, Mark and Maggie May are Belgians.


The newest member of the group, Sampson (Sami) is a Shire.

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