The Saga of Gorby

Chihuahua for the Ages



Action Chihuahua

The young Gorby... ready for action, ready to take on the world.

The first step in Gorby's plan for world domination is to create a series of Chihuahua "nests" in various locations.

Chihuahua Nest

Seeing-eye Chihuahua

Working her way through college, Gorby has a series of jobs. Here Gorby is caught during her brief stint as a seeing-eye dog. She quickly discovered that her creative and inquisitive nature were not suited to the job.

Gorby briefly pursued a career in rock music in 1971, but tired of the rock scene and became interested in opera. She did continue to write songs occasionally for her friends, Gene and Paul, who went on to some measure of success.


Kiss Chihuahua

Chihuahua Tenor

Gorby auditions as a tenor for a production of Donizetti's La Fille Du Regiment in 1972, but the producers felt they needed a more physically commanding presence and hired a little known Italian tenor who also went on to some measure of success.


Gorby travels to Central America to help out following a major earthquake, but is appalled at the human rights abuses she witnesses. Gorby attempts to organize a worker's protest, but quickly finds herself arrested on trumped up charges. Fearing an international incident should Gorby be harmed, the Guatemalan government quickly deports her.


Chihuahua Arrested

Chihuahua Mime

After meeting him on the Tonight show, Gorby travels to France to study mime under Marcel Marceau. Gorby's 4 legged "walking against the wind" was the inspiration for many generations of mimes.



Gorby at a photo-op with her namesake, Mikhail Gorbachev. She later recalled him as strangely uncommunicative.


Gorby with Gorby

Gorby Still

Eager to get started with her movie career, Gorby poses for a series of still shots. Here Gorby is doing her tilted-head "I'm insane" look while still conveying her sensitive side. This so impressed several producers that parts were written for Gorby, but due to various scheduling problems the roles fell to Bruce Dern.


Gorby goes into hiding for a period of time when the media discovers that her famous picture with Gorbachev is a clever fake. Reporters were unable to determine the true identity of the impostor posing as Gorbachev or whether Gorby herself was aware of the deception.


In hiding

Gorby with her Bodyguards

Gorby hires a well-known Hollywood detective agency to provide security during her now famous comeback tour.


Gorby honors Frank Sinatra at the Grammy awards with her soul wrenching rendition of "My Way".


Gorby singing

Gorby resting

Tired from her frequent bouts with the paparazzi, Gorby rests.


Thus ends the saga of Gorby

Truly a light that burned twice as bright


Gorby Feted At the ABA Follies
Gorby questioned in Dave Matthews web site defacement


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