Elian and Gorby News Item at the ABA Follies

Elian's operant oppression

And who hasn't been moved by the story of Elian Columba - the little pigeon who up until a few months ago lived in an oppressive Cuban learning lab where his only toy was a Mikhail Gorbechev action figure and his only companion this overweight Communist Chihuahua.

Pictured here is Dr. William Palya attempting to hide little Elian in a lab coat closet as armed Pigeon Naturalization Agents seize this hapless laboratory animal. Dr. Palya has vowed to work without rest until little Elian is returned to an American free operant environment.

Elian Columba Seized

News coverage of this event is courtesy of Kelly Wilson at the University of Nevada, Reno

Last Reviewed : October 20, 2008