Equine Research Facility

Farm Driveway

Entrance with orchard on the left and the old barn on the right. The house can be seen at the top of the hill.

Barn / Arena / House

The barn, arena, and house.

Barn across lake

The barn with straight stalls from across the lake.

Back Porch

The back porch and lake.
It's a 4-1/2 acre lake with a small dock.

Hay bales in pasture

Plenty of food for the horses.


The creek that runs around the place.

Sunrise mist

Sunrise over Bamboo Bay


The Meadowbrook cart.

Draft horse cart

Sam out for a walk along the lake trail.

Draft horse harness

Mark getting harnessed.

Horse drinking

Maggie getting a drink.

Clydesdale foal

The new baby.

Baby goats

Gertie and the kids


The girls

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Last Updated : October 20, 2008