Document Set for the High-Performance Experiment Controller

William L. Palya & Donald E. Walter
Department of Psychology
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, AL 36265

Document Set Revision 1.2
Copyright (c) 1993-2001 by William L. Palya



Solution Paradigm
Distributed Processing
Dedicated CPU
Single Wire Network
Algorithmic Control Language
Event Log Recording
Replaceable/Disposable Control Equipment
Why a Network to do Experiment Control?
Why a Network Based on this Experiment Controller?
Design Goals
Solution Strategy
Controller Assets
Optional Configurations
Assumptions Underlying this Manual
Use of the Manual
Document Organization

ECBASIC Language Reference Manual

Types of Commands
Operations Available with ECBASIC
Types of Variables
Arithmetic Statements
Program Commands
System Control Commands
Programming with ECBASIC
Programming Style
Sample Program Segments
In Case of Trouble (presumed software)
Error Messages
Sample Complete Working Programs

ECBASIC Networking With Explicit Data Collection

Explicit Data Collection
Transparent Data Collection
Hybrid Data Collection
Administering with MS-DOS (IBM PC) Supervisor
Invoking RBAS
Using RBAS
Notes on MS DOS
Administering with Macintosh Supervisor
Invoking ExpRun
Using ExpRun
Administering with Apple IIe and IIc Supervisors
Administering with Digital VAX Supervisor
Networking Primitives

ECBASIC With IBM PC Adaptor Board

Peculiarities of EBAS


Available Components
Packaging Philosophy
Sorting out all the Options
Setting up your Apparatus I: Controller
A. Network: Supervisor and Experiment Controllers
Power Supply
Serial Network Link
Macintosh with Mini-8 Connector
Macintosh with DB-9 Connector
IBM/VAX (RS-232 Connector) - If Multiple Controllers
IBM/VAX (RS-232 Connector) - If Only One Controller
Board Configuration
Unit Number
Network versus Stand-Alone Modes
Transparent versus Explicit Data Collection Modes
Normal-Run versus Apparatus-Test Mode
Baud Rate
Wait States
CPU Speed
Status Indicators
B. Experiments Carried Out by IBM PC with Adaptor Board
Setting Up Your Apparatus II: Daughter Boards
Tester Daughter Board
Relay Daughter Board
Triac Daughter Board
Driver Daughter Board
Miscellaneous Hardware Issues
Choice of Power Supply
Using the Auxiliary Serial Port
Using SBX Board
Making Ribbon Cables
Comments for Builders
In Case of Trouble (presumed hardware)
Parts List
Parts Suppliers
Modifying RS-422 Board


A description of data file formats used for ECL and ECBasic transparent mode is now available.
Archives of the various programs discussed here are available.
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