The Auburn Walking Tour

by Dr. Miriam Helen Hill and Dr. Tom Martinson

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama
Geography Department, Auburn University, Auburn University, Alabama

Introduction to the Walking Tour

The Auburn Walking Tour was an assignment in Dr. Tom Martinson's former GY500 Research Methods in Geography course. Each student was given elaborate instructions of how and what to observe and write and an ample reading list for the assignment.

He reported "The idea of the Auburn Walking Tour comes from Peirce Lewis in the Department of Geography at Pennsylvania State University, who originated the State College Walking Tour."

Route of the Walking Tour

The walking tour began at the main intersection in the center of town. The campus occupies one quarter of this location. It then proceeded generally north, turned east for several blocks, then south. After proceeding past the original latitude, the route turned back to the west, and upon reaching campus, turned north, again, to return to the main intersection. Dr. Martinson gave the details for this route.

Map of the Area

Click here to view the map of the area of the walking tour.

Alternate Versions

This essay version of the walking tour was designed to demonstrate a humanistic geography view of the landscape rather than the spatial experience itself. For the opportunity to explore the route sequentially and experience your own version of the walking tour, click through the sequence of photos and read the comments presented below.

Do It Yourself Tour

the main intersection
the active Central Business District
the old and the new
looking back toward campus
reflections on the past and future
commercial activities
campus orientation of businesses
beauty and accessibility
the highway intersection
to the west
the northeast corner
straight ahead
AM South Bank
the Church
the Church front
the first duplexes
the dog trot
looking back to the west
the train
the Checkers' Car
signs of life
Is this Shady
the white house
porch adornment
the apartments
the stream
the playground in the park
the open basement
the empty lots
the intersection at city hall
city hall
flowering bush
other vegetation
the brown house
ground lease
vacant lot
to the north
bike tracks in the sand
the sign beyond the car
the metal jungle
the kudzu
the apartment row
the parking area
porch haven
dirt cut
the red brick home
the Scott-Yarborough House Sign
Pebble Hill
the showplace
the law office
the swans
AU fan
more advertisements
the open door
Camelot sign
the church ahead
the next duplex
yard life
from Idaho
what's to hide?
the old church
on to the east
Church historic marker
backyard fun
squirrel play
Firewood Park
the view ahead
from across the street
the little Eden
for the animals, too
flowering vegetation
the stream ahead
the cracked sidewalk
the excavation
to the south
bank erosion
mistletoe tree
the mistletoe
the channel view
the larger homes
the nicer complexes
the gateways
the recracked sidewalk
the exit
the lived in look
tow away welcome
southern cottage
neighbor signs
undeveloped lot
the porch house
the porch view
the Canadian flag
the flag in context
the slow drive
across the street
toward town
apartment lane
the ditch
behind the clinic
the clinic
the white cottage
the sunny porch
the apartment building
Movies and Munchies
the sea of signs
to the south
European style apartment building
the street toward campus
the church playground
the church tower
the church swing
the clover
towards the school
the University's clock tower
the University Chaple
across the street
Auburn University sign
the grand entrance
the award
the business activity
the walls of support
the final building