Teaching and Professional Experience of Dr. Miriam Helen Hill

Teaching Experience
Professor--Department of Physical and Earth Sciences, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama--fall 2000--present (Visiting Assistant Professor, 2000-2001; Associate Professor 2001-2007).
Visiting Assistant Professor--Department of Geography, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama-1997-1998; rehired 1998-1999; rehired 1999-2000, Department of Geology and Geography
Assistant Professor--Department of Geography, Frostburg State University, Frostburg, Maryland--fall 1995-spring 1996
Visiting Assistant Professor--Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL, fall 1994-spring 1995
Assistant Professor--Department of Geography and Regional Planning, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania--fall semester 1993
Assistant Professor--Geography and Geology--Division of Natural Sciences, Indiana University Southeast, 4201 Grant Line Road, New Albany, Indiana--August 20, 1984--May 10, 1993 (promoted from Lecturer in January 1986)
Assistant Professor--Department of Geography-Geology, Illinois State University, Normal, Illinois--August 1981-May 1984
Teaching Fellow--Geography Department, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio--September 1978-June 1979 and August 1979-May 1980
Instructor--Geography Department, University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Greensboro, North Carolina--August 1, 1975-July 31, 1978
Instructor of Geography--Piedmont Technical Institute, Roxboro, North Carolina for University of North Carolina at Greensboro--June-August 1976
Graduate Assistant--Department of Geography-Geology, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana--August 1974-May 1975 and May 1975-August 1975
Student Teacher--Earth Science and Spanish, junior high and senior high, Indiana State University Laboratory School, Terre Haute, Indiana--March 11-May 7, 1974
Academic Tutor--(many areas) Academic Enrichment and Learning Skills Center, Indiana State University, Terre Haute, Indiana--1973-1974
Reader for the Blind--Spanish and German, Indiana State University--1972-1974

Other Professional Experience
Co-Op--United States Geological Survey, Water Resources Division, Kentucky District, 2301 Bradley Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40217, using ARC/INFO and writing macros
University Fellow--Geography Department, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio--August 1980-May 1981
Summer Doctoral Fellow--Geography Department, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio--1978, 1979, and 1980

Courses Taught
Physical Geography I:Atmospheric Patterns and Processes (lecture and laboratory), Physical Geography II: Landscape Patterns and Processes (laboratory); Physical Geography; Physical Systems of the Environment (with and without laboratory); Earth Science (with and without laboratory); Earth Science: Geologic Aspects; Introduction to Earth Science; Concepts in Earth Science; Weather; World Geography (Cultural); Introduction to Human Geography; Human Geography; Concepts in Cultural Geography; World Regional Geography; Physical Geology; Earth Science: Materials and Processes; Physical Geology laboratory; Cartography: Map Design; Cartography; Introduction to Geographic Information Systems; Geographic Information Systems; Advanced Geographic Information Systems; GIS Processing and Theory; GIS Accessory Tools; GIS Programming and Customization; Web Mapping: Construction and Design; GIS Problems and Applications; Spatial Processes and Patterns; Remote Sensing; Air Photo Interpretation and Remote Sensing; Introduction to Spatial Analysis; Spatial Data Collection and Management; Analyzing Spatial Networks, Site Location Analysis; Organization and Management of Spatial Systems; Spatial Layout and Display; Advanced Topics in Spatial Analysis: Modeling and Customization; Directed Research; Criminal Justice Senior Seminar II: Crime Mapping, Culture, and Location: Introduction to Geography; Environmental Conservation; Geography of North America; Historical Geology; Earth Science: Evolution of the Earth; Geography of the Non-Western World; Advanced Physical Geography; Senior Seminar (Geographic Thought); Selected Issues in Environmental Conservation; Undergraduate Readings and Research in Geography; Map Reading; Basic Mapping; Seminar in Regional Geography: Summer Geography Institute, 1991, 1992; Urban Physical Environments; Honors Earth Science; Project Ahead: Rocks and Minerals [grades 4-6]; Research in Geography (G840); Society, Culture and the Environment; Land Use, Values, Perception, and Management; Climatology; Research Methods; Field Methods; Colloquium; Geography Laboratory Practicum.

Courses Assisted
Air Photo and Map Interpretation; Physical Geology; Physiography of the United States; Historical Geology; Weather and Climate; Rocks and Minerals; Geoscience; Workshop in Elementary Social Studies: Summer Geography Institute, 1991, 1992; Workshop in Secondary Social Studies: Summer Geography Institute, 1991, 1992