Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 9

ground markings, negative marks, photoarcheology, plant or crop marks, positive marks, sequential photography, shadow marks, site prediction, site detection, soil marks

  1. Identification of potential study locations by visual aerial reconnaissance or by the use of remote sensors
  2. Use of remote sensing to study prehistoric human artifacts and habitations
  3. Patterns or variations in surface characteristics indicating past disturbances
  4. Site indicators produced by oblique sunlight on minor terrain configurations or irregularities
  5. Variations in the natural color, texture, and moisture of the soil as a result of past disturbances
  6. Minor variations in vegetation resulting from past disturbances of the surface or soil
  7. Plant or vegetation growth is stimulated by past soil or surface disturbance
  8. Plant or vegetation growth is inhibited by past soil or surface disturbance
  9. Repeated imaging of an area or site
  10. Use of remote sensing techniques to develop hypotheses as to likely areas of past human activity, an indirect method of detection