Remote Sensing Questions Chapter 8

allocative models, alternate land uses, attribute, digitization, encoding, evaluative models, GIRAS, GIS, interactive analysis, land cover, land use, layer, multiple land uses, overlay, overlay analysis, raster, surface analysis, topological coding, vector, vertical arrangements of land uses

  1. accepts, organizes, statistically analyzes, and displays diverse types of spatial data that are digitally referenced to a common coordinate system of a particular projection and scale
  2. geographically referenced plane or theme
  3. composite analysis, superimposing one theme on another
  4. descriptive data about a map feature
  5. construction of a mathematical topology from a two position indexing system
  6. grid-cell coding froming a matrix or array system using pixels or picture elements
  7. coding system in which nodes, arcs, and polygons define places and boundaries
  8. conversion of analog information into digital format, either by manual tracing or automatic scanning
  9. formation of a reference system of points and slopes to mathematically represent map elements
  10. examination of intravariable relationships in one data plane
  11. evaluation of variable by stacking tow or more data planes
  12. used to assess environmental characteristics such as prediction of the extent of ground water contamination
  13. used to indicate and predict areas best suited for specific land use
  14. examination of variables and the effects of data alterations nearly instantaneously by use of computer systems
  15. the way people adapt land parcels to their purposes and needs and the characteristics of the inhabited environment
  16. natural and artificial compositions covering the earth's surface at a certain location
  17. ability of a land parcel to concurrently fulfill more than one human need or demand
  18. variation in types of benefits supplied by a parcel with environmental changes
  19. the benefits from a parcel considering its characteristics in more than one plane
  20. Geographical Information Retrieval and Analysis System, a USGS land use compilation program