Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 7

across-track direction, active sensor, along-track direction, aperture, backslopes, , cardinal-point, effect, complementary angles, complex dialectric constant, corner reflectors, depolarized, depression angle, diffuse reflection, echo, ESMR, far range, foreshortening, foreslope, foreslope, brightening, grazing angle, grazing illumination, ground range, ground range image, image swath, imaging microwave radiometers, incidence angle, isotrpic scatterer, long range standoff, look, angle, microscale relief, midar, monochromatic, multichannel SAR, nadir line, near range, negative Doppler, normal incidence, optical correlation, passive microwave radiometer, phase, history, positive Doppler, PPI, pulse rectangle, pulse length, radar shadows, radar resolution, radar, radar hologram, radar detection, RAR, SAR, SIR, slant range, slant range image, SLAR, SMMR, sonar, sonographs, specular reflection, SSM/I, subsurface radar imaging, towfish, unidirectional illumination, zero Doppler

  1. Detects the low level of natural microwave emissions all earth objects emit
  2. Radio detection and ranging
  3. Emits artificial microwave radiation that it then detects when reflected back
  4. Emits acoustical energy that is then detected, sound navigation and ranging
  5. Microwave detection and ranging, radar
  6. Single wavelength
  7. Plan position indicator, radar used for weather forecasting, navigation, and air-traffic control
  8. Side-looking airborne radar, SLR
  9. Military surveillance across enemy lines
  10. Real-aperture radar, brute-force radar
  11. Synthetic-aperture radar
  12. Antenna
  13. Shuttle Imaging Radar mission
  14. Azimuth
  15. Range or look
  16. Line-of-sight distance measured from the antenna to the terrain target
  17. Ground track
  18. Ground track at which the radar pulse intercepts the terrain
  19. Angle measured from the horizontal plane downward to the radar beam
  20. Area which receives the beam
  21. Angle measured from vertical plane upward to a part of the radar beam
  22. Two angles together with a sum of 90 degrees
  23. Phi, angle measured between the axis of the radar beam and a line perpendicular to the local ground surface the beam strikes
  24. Complement of the incidence angle
  25. Has compression of horizontal separation in the near range
  26. Portrays targets from level terrain in correct ground position
  27. Minimum separation between two objects of equal reflectivity that lets them appear individually on a processed radar image
  28. Radar equivalent of a ground resolution cell
  29. Measure of the smallest object that can be discerned on an image because of its ability to reflect the signal
  30. Physical length of the radar pulse
  31. Features enter the beam ahead of the platform so echos shift to higher frequencies
  32. No frequency shift
  33. As the platform moves away from the feature, the echos have lower frequencies
  34. Output which compares frequencies
  35. Processor for the recordings of the phase history
  36. One-dimensional interference pattern of a point source
  37. Rotated
  38. Multispectral, multipolarity SAR
  39. Illuminates terrain along line of sight
  40. Slopes facing away from the radar beam
  41. Black areas formed where radar beam did not strike
  42. Slope facing the radar beam
  43. Grazing incidence
  44. Layover, distortions from topographic relief
  45. Radar bean is perpendicular to the foreslope and the whole slope is illuminated
  46. Obliteration of microrelief by normal incidence
  47. Surface roughness, measured in centimeters
  48. Form a specular or mirror reflector the pulse is reflected away
  49. Lambertian surface or diffuse reflector that reflects pulse in many directions especially back to the sensor
  50. Results in a strong echo
  51. Strong returns from oriented smooth surfaces
  52. Perpendicular orientation returning a major part of the signal
  53. Measure of the ability to conduct microwave energy
  54. Ability to penetrate surface materials
  55. Passive microwave radiometers that produce images, passive microwave images
  56. Electronically Scanned Microwave Radiometer
  57. Scanning Multichannel Microwave Radiometer
  58. Special Sensor Microwave/Imager
  59. Sonar images
  60. Torpedo-shaped vehicle towed behind the survey ship