Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 6

active condensation nuclei, analog-digital converter, angular field of vision, ascending, AVHRR, AVIRIS, bidirectional scanner, blackbody, CASI, CCT, color IR video camera, computer, conduction, convection, density, descending, digital numbers, DMSP, dwell time, electro-optical, sensors, emissivity, EMSS, energy distribution curves, ETM, FLIR, frame grabber, GAC, geosynchronous, ghosts, GOES, graybody, ground swath, ground resolution cell, HCMM, HCMR, HIRIS, HRV, imaging spectrometer, instantaneous field of view, kinetic temperature, Kirchhoff's Radiation Law, LAC, LANDSAT, metsats, MSS, multispectal video system, multispectral scanners, NDVI, near-polar orbit, NOAA, OLS, panoramic image, photographic, spectrum, Plank's radiation law, POES, pushbroom scanner, radiant temperature, radiantflux, RBV, rectilinear image, Return Beam Vidicon cameras, scale compression, signal-to-noise ratio, solid-state detectors, solid-state video camera, SPOT, Stefan-Boltzman Law, temperature, inversion, temperature crossover period, thermal IR scanners, thermal inertia, thermal storage, thermal capacity, thermal conductivity, thermal IR radiometer, thermal shading, thermal diffusivity, TM, vegetation indices, video camera, videography, vidicon, VISSR, whiskbroom, scanning, whiskbroom scanners, whitebody, Wien's Displacement Law, wind streak, wind shadow

  1. Convert radiation from ground scene to proportional electrical signals for two dimensional image
  2. Range of radiation recordable by a camera on film, optical spectrum
  3. Translates electrical signals to on-offs on magnetic tape or device
  4. Numbers coded as on-offs or 0-1, a binary system
  5. An electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its memory unit, that accepts input or data, processes data arithmetically and logically, produces output from the processing, and stores the results for future use
  6. Records radiation within 0.4-1.1 micrometers in a NTSC format
  7. Process of obtaining video images
  8. Array of video-cameras and filters
  9. Images green, red, and near IR with a beam splitter
  10. An x-y array of detectors and read out electronics written on a silicon chip, CCD, CID, MOS
  11. Digital video camera
  12. Converts an image frame to digital data for processing
  13. Remotedly operated camera similar to a TV camera
  14. RBV, carried on LANDSAT satellites
  15. Across-track scanners which record from side-to-side along the path
  16. Rotating mirror scans a narrow strip at right angles to the flight path
  17. Scan angle
  18. Length of the ground strip
  19. Amount of ground area scanned at any instant, IFOV
  20. Are of one recording unit
  21. Residence time, length of time radiation at a spot is measured
  22. Relationship between measured radiation and radiation interference
  23. Devices which measure radiation in multiple bands
  24. Devices which measure the 3 to 5 micrometers and 8 to 14 micrometers
  25. Ground resolution cells are equal area in the images
  26. Unrectified image which has sever scale compression laterally
  27. Rectified image with constant scale
  28. Along-track scanner which does not use a mirror but rather the platform's forward motion
  29. Radiant emittance
  30. Measures the radiation and transforms it to an electrical current to get a temperature reading
  31. Measure of an object's efficiency as an absorber and emitter
  32. Relates spectral characteristics and magnitude of the emission to the temperature to the temperature of the emitting body
  33. Theoretically perfect emitter
  34. External temperature, apparent temperature, or noncontact temperature
  35. Internal, real, contact, or thermodynamic temperature
  36. Aid in assessing the proportions of radiation emitted between selective wavelength intervals
  37. Total energy emitted from a blackbody is directly proportional to the fourth power of its absolute temperature
  38. Shows that the wavelength of maximum energy emission is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature of the blackbody
  39. Real object
  40. Good absorbers are good emitters and good reflectors are poor emitters
  41. Perfect reflector
  42. Measure of the rate at which heat will flow through a material
  43. Measure describing the ability of a material to store heat
  44. Ratio of mass to volume
  45. Density times thermal capacity
  46. Measure of the rate of internal heat transfer
  47. Measure of tendency of a material to resist changes in temperature
  48. Transfer of heat by direct contact
  49. Transfer of heat by movements in a fluid
  50. Area of low wind on the leeward side of features
  51. Lines of alternating lighter and darker signatures parallel to the wind direction
  52. Aerosols which have attracted moisture and which absorb thermal IR radiation
  53. Results in differential heating patterns such as from thermal shadows
  54. Time when the temperature difference between the land and the water reverses
  55. Remaining evidence of an object which has moved
  56. Forward Looking Infrared Systems
  57. First international satellite program for collecting synopti and repetitive multispectral image data of the earth's surface
  58. Return Beam Vidicon
  59. Multispectral Scanner, across track scanning device
  60. Thematic Mapper, an across track scanner
  61. Orbits within eight degrees of the North and South Poles
  62. Southbound passes
  63. Northbound passes
  64. Scans both directions
  65. Enhanced Thematic Mapper
  66. Multipsectral Scanner Emulator
  67. Computer-Compatible Tapes
  68. Heat Capacity Mapping Mission
  69. Heat Capacity Mapping Radiometer
  70. French equivalent to the LANDSAT program
  71. High Resolution Visible along-track scanner
  72. Meteorological satellites
  73. Defense Meteorological Satellite Program run by the U.S. Air Force
  74. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
  75. Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite
  76. Orbit which remains over a fixed point
  77. Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellites
  78. Visible Infrared Spin-Scan Radiometer
  79. Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
  80. Local Area Coverage
  81. Global Area Coverage
  82. Mathematical combinations of band 1 and 2
  83. Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, also NVI
  84. Operational Linescan System
  85. Electro-optical sensor that uses cooled linear array detectors to college image data in many narrow spectral bands
  86. Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer
  87. High-Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
  88. Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager