Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 4

absolute stereoscopic parallax, airphoto mosaic, anaglyph system, average photo base-length, azimuth, bench mark, bridging, central projection, compass bearing, controlled mosaic, datum plane, differential parallax, dot grids, elevation angle, ground control points, image displacement, isocenter, large scale, large-scale aerial photographs, manuscript, MSL, nadir, nominal scale, northeast quadrant, northwest quadrant, opisometer, orthographic projection, orthophoto map, orthophoto mosaic, orthophoto quad, orthophotograph, orthophotoscope, parallax, parallax wedge, parallax bar, photo index sheet, photogrammetry, polar planimeter, radially outward, radially inward, reflecting projector, relief, relief displacement, representative fraction, scale, scaling factor, scribing, sketchmaster, small scale, small-scale aerial photographs, southeast quadrant, southwest quadrant, stereo zoom transfer instrument, stereometer, stereoplotter, stereoscopic parallax, survey monuments, tilt displacement, tilted photograph, tracing platen, uncontrolled mosaic

  1. Technique of obtaining reliable measurements of objects from their photographic images
  2. Relationship between a linear distance on a vertical air photo or map and the distance on the ground
  3. Ratio of distance on the representation and that on the real earth, RF
  4. RF with a large denominator
  5. RF with a small denominator
  6. Photograph which shows large area but little detail
  7. Photograph which shows limited area but considerable detail
  8. Mean sea level
  9. Average scale of photograph
  10. Map features positioned correctly horizontally and as if viewed from overhead
  11. Features viewed from one location
  12. Shifting of object's position which allows stereoscopic viewing
  13. Differences in elevation of depicted objects
  14. Shifting of object's location because of height
  15. Central or mean ground elevation surface
  16. Point directly beneath the camera
  17. Shifting toward the PP resulting from location below the datum plane
  18. Shifting away from the PP resulting from location above the datum plane
  19. Slightly oblique view captured by a camera
  20. Variation in object position due to oblique view
  21. Focus of tilt displacement, a point between the PP and the nadir
  22. Means to measure object height with stereoscopic pairs
  23. Apparent displacement caused by a change in the point of observation
  24. Sum of the distances between the base of conjugate objects and their respective nadirs
  25. Difference in absolute stereoscopic parallax at the top and base of the object
  26. Mean distance from the PP to CPP on each of a stereopair
  27. Device using a "floating mark" to measure differential parallax
  28. Transparent device for determining differential parallax, parallax ladder
  29. Steel bar with two transparent plates, one fixed and one moveable, used to measure parallax
  30. Sun angle at the time of the photograph
  31. Direction not exceeding 90 azimuth
  32. Direction measured clockwise from north
  33. 0 - 90 azimuth
  34. 270- 0 azimuth
  35. 90 - 180 azimuth
  36. 180 - 270 azimuth
  37. Transparent overlay with uniformly spaced dots on a grid used to determine area
  38. Instrument used to measure area on a map
  39. Value used to determine the areal relationship between the image and the earth
  40. Device rolled along a line to measure its length, map wheel
  41. Device with projects image to paper so it can be traced and mapped
  42. Instrument which utilizes stereopairs to project photo image for mapping including making contours
  43. Optically transfers images form photo to map surface
  44. Carefully located points, geodetic control points
  45. Marker with ground control information, bronze markers or tablets
  46. Ground control point with latitude, longitude, and elevation data
  47. Precision instrument that creates exact stereo model of terrain from stereopairs
  48. Map sheet made in a stereoplotter
  49. Uses colored filters in a stereoplotter to see the three dimensional image
  50. Used to follow the ground horizontally making contours, tracing table
  51. Process of linking one stereopair to another while mapping an area
  52. Method of tracing or scratching map features on a medium
  53. Reconstructed airphoto showing features in true planimetric position, orthophoto
  54. Specialized orthoprojection instrument
  55. Photomap produced in format like topographic quadrangles
  56. Assemblage of air photos to form a composite view of an area
  57. Most highly controlled airphoto mosaic
  58. Composed of the central portions of vertical airphotos
  59. Photos compiled without ground controls
  60. Orthophotos pieced together and usable like a map
  61. Photos put together without trimming, aerial index, index mosaic