Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 2

aerial photography, aerial photographs, air photos, apertures, camera mount, chroma, complementary colors, contact printing, diapositives, drift, dye couplers, emulsion, F/number, F/stop, false-color film, fiducial marks, film speed, film exposure, film titler, filter factor, focal length, framing camera, full aperature, glossy prints, ground resolution, high contrast target, high- blique, hue, image format, intervalometer, lens angle, lens speed, low contrast target, low-oblique, magazine, mapping camera, matter prints, minimum ground separation, minus-blue photographs, negative image, oblique airphotos, pitch, previsual stress, principal point, projection printing, reconnaissance camera, resolution, roll, semimatte prints, shutter speed, subtractive primary colors, terrestrial photographs, value, vertical airphotos, wide angle lens

  1. Formal term for pictures made on film from above the earth's surface
  2. Informal term for pictures made on film from above the earth's surface
  3. Pictures made on film from the earth's surface
  4. The process of taking photographs from above the earth's surface
  5. Camera's optical axis at about a 90 to the surface
  6. Pictures with the camera's optical axis tilted more than 20 from the perpendicular
  7. Airphotos that show the horizon
  8. Airphotos showing an angled view of the surface without a visible horizon
  9. Device which instantaneously captures an entire ground area on a segment of film
  10. Size of the image area occupying a frame
  11. The linear distance from the lens center to the focal plane
  12. Length of time the shutter allows light passage to the film
  13. Various sizes of circular openings controlled by the diaphragm
  14. The quantity of light that reaches the film
  15. Relative aperture representing lens speed
  16. Focal length of a lens divided by the diameter of the lens diaphragm, the lens opening
  17. Light gathering power of a lens
  18. Wide open diaphragm
  19. AFOV
  20. 75-100 range of angles
  21. Cartographic or metric camera
  22. Lightproof box of a mapping camera
  23. Geometric center of a vertical airphoto
  24. Result from the silhouette of the camera frame on the film
  25. Circular frame that supports a mapping camera
  26. Horizontal displacement of aircraft about the azimuthal axis
  27. Rotation of aircraft about the longitudinal axis, nose up or down
  28. Rotation of aircraft about the lateral axis of the wings
  29. Electronic device that automatically trips the shutter and regulates time between photos
  30. Smaller and more inexpensive cameras used for interpretation not mapping aerial surveys
  31. Light sensitive material
  32. Reversed image of original scene
  33. Airphotos made with a yellow lens filter
  34. Dominant wavelengths present in the color
  35. Strength of the color
  36. Lightness of the color
  37. Sensitizing dyes and color-forming agents
  38. Color pairs that produce white light when added
  39. Yellow, magenta, and cyan
  40. Color infrared film
  41. Photographs with a shiny finish
  42. Photographs with a dull finish
  43. Photographs with an intermediate finish
  44. Photographs printed the same size as the original
  45. Makes enlargements or reductions
  46. Positive transparencies
  47. Machine that adds information to image frame
  48. Capability of film or lens to image spatial detail, resolving power
  49. Large density difference between bright and dark areas
  50. Small density difference between bright and dark areas
  51. The ability to resolve terrain features on images
  52. Minimal distance between two objects on the ground that lets them remain individual
  53. Measure of film's sensitivity to light
  54. Number of times by which the exposure must be increased for a specific filter
  55. Early vegetation damage the may be remediated