Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 14

chemical processing industries, cylindrical storage tank, extraction industries, fabrication industries, heat processing industries, heavy fabrication plants, light fabrication plants, mechanical processing industries, photo interpretation applications, photogrammetric techniques, processing industries, sequential aerial photographs

  1. Include land use and land cover mapping, parking and transportation studies, environmental monitoring, real estate assessment, outdoor recreational surveys, evaluation of housing quality, damage surveys, and choosing possible building sites
  2. Used to reconstruct the historic sequence of changes in urban growth and to predict and plan for future changes
  3. Used for making accurate distance, size, and height measurements, and preparing planimetric and topographic maps
  4. Remove materials from the earth
  5. Refine and rework earth resource materials
  6. Construct, build, or assemble a product
  7. Uses equipment or machinery to process their product
  8. Refines or changes materials from one form to another
  9. Uses energy to change a material
  10. Processing which constructs large, bulky, or heavy products
  11. Processing which constructs small products such as household consumer goods