Remote Sensing Questions Chapter 10

blowouts, crop calendar, lacustrine, loess, longlots, muck, parent material, peat, sand blotches, sand streaks, terrain elements
  1. detailed listing of specific crops grown in an area and their rotational cycle
  2. features, attributes, and materials that make up a landscape
  3. rock material which breaks down to form soil
  4. smoothly rounded and irregularly shaped depressions made by eolian processes
  5. light-toned but poorly defined parallel streaks made by the wind
  6. light-toned and poorly defined patches resulting from wind erosion
  7. of or related to lakes
  8. dark, fertile soil containing decaying plant materials, a histosol
  9. partially carbonized plant matter associated with swampy environments, a histosol
  10. silt-sized, light colored wind-blown deposit associated with arid environments or glaciation
  11. French land survey system