Remote Sensing Vocabulary Chapter 1

absorption, active remote sensor, albedo, angstrom, atmospheric windows, atmospheric blinds, conduction, convection, digital image processing, electromagnetic energy, electromagnetic, radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, energy, hertz, image, incident radiation, index of refraction, insolation, micrometer, multispectral, nanometer, oblique, optical spectrum, passive remote sensor, photo-optical system, photograph, photographic spectrum, photography, photon detectors, photons, photosphere, primary color, radiation, radiation balance, radiometer, reflection, remote sensor, remote sensing, scattering, sensors, skylight, spectral signature, spectral, signature curves, speed of light, stratosphere, terrestrial radiation, transmission, Tyndall Side Effect, vertical, visible band or spectrum

1. Collection of data without direct contact
2. Instruments which make and record remote sensing data
3. Energy that travels at the speed of light in a harmonic wave pattern
4. Capacity to do work
5. Transfer of energy by direct contact
6. Transfer of energy by movement of a fluid
7. Transfer of energy through space as waves
8. Waves of energy propagated in the form of an advancing interaction between electric and magnetic fields
9. 186,281.7 mi./sec.
10. Quanta
11. Ordered arrangement of EMR according to wavelength, frequency, or photon energy
12. 10-10 meters
13. 10-9 meters
14. 10-6 meters
15. Cycle per second
16. 0.4 to 0.7 micrometers
17. A color not made from any other color
18. Earth radiation
19. Sun's visible surface
20. Scattering of visible light along a beam path
21. EMR that impinges upon matter
22. Incoming solar radiation
23. Incident radiation passes through matter
24. Ratio between the velocity of EMR in a vacuum and its velocity in a material medium
25. Incident radiation predictably "bounces off" the surface of a substance
26. Diffuse reflection
27. Incident radiation is taken in by a medium
28. Transmission bands
29. Absorption bands
30. Insolation equals outgoing shortwave and longwave radiation
31. Location of the ozone layer which absorbs UV radiation
32. Diffuse radiation or sky radiation
33. Average amount of incident radiation reflected by an object
34. Distinctive pattern of reflective and emittance properties
35. Multiband
36. Device for quantitatively measuring radiant energy
37. Two-dimensional line plots of radiation intensity for features as a function of wavelength
38. All instruments that detect and measure reflected and/or emitted EMR from a distance and reflected sound waves
39. Imaged surface viewed downward
40. Imaged surface viewed at an angle
41. Instrument which detects only radiation emanating naturally from an object
42. Instrument which beams its own artificially produced energy to a target and then records the reflected component
43. A camera
44. 0.3 to 0.9 micrometers
45. Photo multiplier tubes, photo diodes, and metallic crystals that are sensitive to limited wavelengths
46. 0.3 to 14 micrometers
47. Computer manipulation of digital images
48. Pictorial representation recorded directly on to film
49. Use of a camera that records the interaction between light and a photosensitive emulsion
50. All pictorial representations of remotely sensed data

multilevel, multiscale, multisensor, multisource, multispectral, multistage, multistation, multitemporal

51. Several different platforms used together
52. Several different altitudes used together
53. Several different amounts of surface shown with different levels of detail
54. Acquisition of successive, overlapping photos along a flight line
55. Data collected from several spectral regions, multiband
56. Different sensors operating simultaneously
57. Repeated sensing through time, multidate
58. Different data sources used together