Remote Sensing Questions Chapter 10

  1. What parts of the conterminous U.S. is best noted for the following? general farming
  2. feed grains and livestock
  3. dairy
  4. range livestock
  5. wheat and small grains
  6. cotton
  7. What are the principal objectives of modern agriculture and how can remote sensing assist in achieving these goals?
  8. What are some of the more common applications of remote sensing in agricultural surveys?
  9. What is the first three steps in the classification of agricultural land?
  10. What are the six categories of easily separable agricultural land uses and what other two differentiations may be made?
  11. What are crop calendars and for what may they be used in conjunction with aerial photographs?
  12. How can the reliability of crop identifications with single-date photography be improved?
  13. What accounts for the mottled texture often seen on many aerial photographs of agricultural land?
  14. What characteristics assist in the identification of each of the following? rice
  15. pasturelands
  16. pig farms
  17. horse farms
  18. How can multidate photography best be utilized for agricultural applications?
  19. Why are inventories of crops such as cotton, wheat, peanuts, and tobacco important?
  20. How are orchards and vineyards distinctive on photographs from other crop covers and from each other?
  21. Describe the seasonal contrasts in farm patterns.
  22. For what is color infrared photography most frequently used in agricultural applications and when is this most beneficially undertaken?
  23. What are the broad factors that result in topography?
  24. What is a synthesis of all environmental elements into a single expression?
  25. What role does topography play in soil surveys?
  26. What inferences are possible from classification of drainage patterns into specific regional groupings?
  27. What are the four factors most significantly influencing soil-forming processes?
  28. What general considerations govern surface runoff?
  29. Who wrote Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing for Soil Surveys?