Goals for Laboratory 7

When this exercise has been completed the student should be able to:

1. Calculate the volume of water produced over an area by a rainstorm.

2. Discuss the hydrologic cycle.

3. Recognize stream systems and their patterns on topographic maps.

4. Identify drainage divides and delineate watersheds on a topographic map.

5. Define "discharge," and "flashiness."

6. Use the continuity equation to solve for unknown stream variables.

7. Use the continuity equation to predict how stream variables will change.

8. Construct a storm hydrograph from discharge data.

9. Identify the "lagtime" on a storm hydrograph.

10. Distinguish between urban and rural hydrographs.

11. Discuss the reasons that urban hydrographs differ from the rural hydrographs.

12. Describe how pollution will travel through watersheds and stream systems.

Equipment needed.

1. Cumberland, MD 7.5' series quadrangle.
2. Colored pencils.
3. Ruler, metric.
4. Calculator.
5. Graph paper, spreadsheet software, OR a paint program.