Goals for Laboratory 6


After completing this exercise, you should be able to:
1. Use latitude and longitude to identify and to locate features (to the nearest 30") on a topographic map.
2. Use UTM coordinates to identify and to locate features on a topographic quadrangle.
3. Locate and use the nine map "essentials" on a topographic map.
4. Interpret the topographic map symbols.
5. Determine distances using the scale on a topographic quadrangle.
6. Define "contour line" and "contour interval."
7. Determine elevation from a topographic map.
8. Draw a topographic profile.
9. Visualize the landscape shown by a topographic map.

Equipment needed

1. Cumberland, MD 7.5 minute series topographic map.
2. Sheet of flat, unwrinkled paper.
3. Pencil and pencil sharpener.