Goals for Laboratory 5

I. Goals.

After completing this lab the student should be able to:

1. Define "map".
2. Name the nine map "essentials" and describe why they are important.
3. Describe the difference between true north and magnetic north.
4. Define the term "scale" and perform scale conversions.
5. Use each of the three forms of scale to make measurements on a map.
6. Use latitude and longitude to locate points on the earth's surface on both large scale and small scale maps.
7. Be able to locate, or describe the locations of, parcels of land using the U.S.P.L.S. system.
8. Understand what a projection is and what kinds of distortion they may introduce to a map.
9. Define GIS and describe why it is an area of explosive employment opportunities.

II. Equipment needed.

1. Cumberland, MD, 7.5 minute series topographic quadrangle.

2. A ruler marked in both cm. and inches.