The Rock Cycle and Igneous Rocks

I. Goals.

When you have completed this lab, you should be able to:

1. Describe how earth materials are recycled from one type of rock to another.

2. Define "igneous" rocks and discuss how they are formed.

3. Identify the three major components of magma.

4. Describe the three basic mineral compositions of magmas.

5. Define the six textural terms presented in this lab and be able to discuss the relationships between where a magma cools and the texture of the resulting rock. Be sure to understand and be able to discuss the terms: intrusive, extrusive, phaneritic, aphanitic, glassy, vesicular, porphyritic, and pyroclastic.

6. Be able to identify unknown samples of the igneous rocks on the basis of their composition, texture and other diagnostic characteristics.

7. Generally discuss the uses of these rocks, if any, as described.


II. Equipment needed.

1. Set of 12 Igneous Rocks