Physical Geography Laboratory I--GY 252


Lesson One--Latitude and Longitude
Latitude and Longitude Practice
Latitude and Longitude Review

Lesson Two-Time

Lesson Three-Sun Angle
Earth-Sun Relations Matching Exercise
Earth-Sun Relations
Solar Rays to Earth
Earth-Sun Relations
Illustration of the Migration of the Direct Rays of the Sun
An Analemma
Using the Analemma

Lesson Four-Scale

Lesson Five-Projections

Lesson Six-Isopleths
Isopleth Maps

Lesson Seven-Moisture
Atmospheric Moisture
Relative Humidity Table for Sling Psychrometer
Dew Point Table for Sling Psychrometer
Relative Humidity Practice

Lesson Eight-Lapse Rates
Lapse Rate Exercise
Lapse Rate Summary Diagram
Lapse Rate Steps
Relative Humidity and Lapse Rate Exercise

Lesson Nine-Weather
Air Masses and Source Regions
Weather Station Model

Lesson Ten-Weather Maps
Fronts and Weather Forecasting
Source Regions of Anglo-America
Weather Review

Lesson Eleven-Climate
Köppen System
Hypothetical Continent-Climate
World Climate Map