Unit One

Location Map for Unit One

Geography--Theme 1
What is geography--Theme 1
Review Questions--Theme 1

Theme One Partial Test Bank

Mapping--Theme 2 and 4
Location and Mapping--Theme 2
Review Questions on Mapping

Mapping Partial Test Bank

Earth-Sun Relations--Theme 3 and 5 The lecture notes are just the vocabulary list below. Read and work through these other materials to better understand the lecture-demonstration.

Earth-Sun Relations Vocabulary List--Theme 3
Vocabulary Matching Exercise
Earth-Sun Lecture Review Questions

Earth-Sun Relations Demonstration
Diagram of the solar rays to earth
Earth-Sun Relations practice exercise
Illustration of the migration of the direct rays of the sun
Earth-Sun Relations review exercise
Earth-Sun relations and revolution review exercise
An analemma

Earth-Sun Relations Partial Test Bank