VOCABULARY: globe, map; oblate ellipsoid, N, NNE, NE, ENE, E, ESE, SE, SSE, S, SSW, SW, WSW, W, WNW, NW, NNW, grid system, degree, minute, second, latitude, longitude, parallel, equator, North Pole, South Pole, meridian, prime meridian, cartography, projection, equivalence, conformality, tangency, cylindrical projection, Mercator projection, conical projection, azimuthal projection, planar projection, map essentials, scale, verbal, graphic, representative fraction (RF) or fractional, small scale, large scale, legend, choropleth map, isopleth or isarithmic map, isopleth interval, topographic map, contour line, contour interval, USGS, model, remote sensing, aerial photograph, stereoscopic pair, GIS, mental map

What is a spherical representation of the earth?
What is a representation of the earth's surface on a flat sheet?
What is the shape of the earth?
How are compass directions named?
What is a set of intersecting lines?
How many degrees are in a circle?
How are degrees divided?
What is the north and south measurement on the earth's surface?
What is the east and west measurement on the earth's surface?
What is the highest latitude possible?
What latitude is not designated either north or south of the equator?
Except for exactly at the poles, what does a latitude coordinate designate?
To designate one particular point on the earth's surface, how many coordinates are usually needed?
What important line runs through Greenwich, England?
What is the highest longitude possible?
What latitude and longitude lines do not require a direction?
What do all meridians do at the poles?
Where can no longitude be given?
True or false--Latitude should be given before longitude.

What is the science of map making?
What is the means of representing a curved surface on a flat sheet?
What are the two characteristics of projections?
What is the term for equal area relations throughout the map?
What is the term for when shapes are truly represented on a map?
What is formed where the globe and paper touch or what is the location of least distortion on a map?
Which type of projection includes the Mercator which is conformal?
Which type of projection includes the Lambert conic conformal (common for midlatitudes)?
Which type of projection is tangent at center of projection and commonly used to show poles?
Which type of projection is projected onto a plane?
What are the five map essentials?
What shows the amount of reduction or the size relationship?
What are the three ways of stating scale?
Which scale is a simple statement of the scale?
Which scale is a line on the paper divided into the distance units on the earth?
Which scale is a ratio of the distance on the paper to that on the earth?
What other two names are given to this scale?
Compare a small scale map to a large scale map.
How is this concept derived?
What is the key to the symbols used on the map?
What orients the map? True or false--North must be at the top of the map?
What type of map is used for discrete data where observations may be counted or distinct phenomena located and which generalizes and simplifies basic data by assigning different shades of color, representing particular ranges in value, to each subdivision of the map region to result in a general picture of the distribution?
What are the steps to making a choropleth map?
What type of map shows a continuous distribution as a third dimension?
What is a line connecting points of equal value?
What is the difference in value between two adjacent isopleths?
True or false--Isopleths shown on the map are always MULTIPLES of the interval.
True or false--Isopleths NEVER cross or divide.
True or false--Isopleths always form enclosed circles.
What are the steps to determine the value of a point?
What must be given if a point is not on an isopleth?
What type of map shows the relief (elevation) of the earth's surface using isopleth lines of elevation and cultural features?
What are isopleths of elevation called?
What is the difference in value between two adjacent contour lines?
What government organization is noted for producing many topographic maps of the U.S.?
What is an idealized representation of the real world built in order to demonstrate certain of its properties?
What is the collection of environmental information from a distance?
What is made of two aerial photographs taken from slightly different angles so that they may be viewed in 3D?
What is GIS?
What are the maps in our minds which aid us in way finding and other common geographical activities?

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