VOCABULARY: glacier; alpine; cirque; valley; piedmont; continental ice sheet; Pleistocene epoch; Nebraskan; Kansan; Illinoian; Wisconsin; pluvial lake; interglacial period; snowline; zones of a glacier; zone of accumulation; firn; zone of ablation; meltwater; movement of glacier; front; advance; retreat; stationary; stagnant; crevasses; load; frost wedging; glacial plucking; abrasion; cirque; trough; U-shaped valley; tarn; trough lake; finger lakes; paternoster lakes; fiord (fjord); arete; col; horn; hanging valley; hanging trough; till; moraine; drift; ground moraine; terminal moraine; (end moraine); recessional moraine; lateral moraine; medial moraine; drumlin; erratic; stratified; outwash deposits; outwash plains; valley trains; ice contact stratified drift; kame; esker; kettle; loess

What is the process associated with a glacier as the erosional agent?
What is formed when ice accumulates to such a depth that it begins to behave as a plastic and flows?
What are the two types of glaciers?
What type of glacier occurs on mountains?
What type of alpine glacier is located at the top of a mountain at the head of a stream valley?
What type of alpine glacier forms when a glacier grows so that it can begin extending down a stream valley?
What type of alpine glacier has grown long enough to extend onto the plain at the base of a mountain range and which may be fed by one or more glaciers?
What type of glacier is broad and irregular shaped and blankets the terrain?
What percentage of the earth's land surface is presently covered by glaciers?
What are the two chief requirements for glacier formation?
What are the two instances where temperatures can be low enough to facilitate the formation of a glacier?
List the Pleistocene glaciations from earliest to most recent.
List the Pleistocene interglacials from earliest to most recent.
What is the term for the lakes formed in the Pleistocene when an area had more rain than it does presently?
Name the best known of the pluvial lakes?
By what name is that lake presently known?
What are the two zones of a glacier?
What is the zone of a glacier where more snow falls than melts?
What is firn or névé?
What is the zone of a glacier where more melting takes place than snow accumulation?
What is the boundary between these two where the amount of snowfall equals the amount of snowmelt?
What two forces push the glacial ice outward?
If more snow melts in the zone of ablation, why is the glacier there?
What is the term for the water running off of a glacier?
What are three terms for the leading or outer edge of a glacier?
What is the term for when a glacier is extending and covering more territory?
What is the term for when a glacier is progressively covering less territory?
What is the term for when the size of a glacier is remaining the same?
What is the term for dead glacier ice when the glacier is no longer acting as a plastic?
Where does glacial deposition occur relative to the glacier?
Describe the speed of movement through the cross-section of a glacier.
Describe the speed of movement from a map view of a glacier.
What is the term for the cracks in the brittle upper surface of the glaciers which form as the glacier moves over irregular surfaces?
Where is the load of a glacier carried?
Of wind, running water, and glaciers, which carries larger particles?
By what three means does a glacier erode?
What is the lifting and removal of materials by the suction and pulling of the glacial ice?
What feature sometimes results from glacial abrasion?
Name thirteen erosional alpine landforms.
What is the landform at the head of a valley formed by glacier and which is a steep blunt, bowl shaped valley head in a mountain side at a high elevation?
What is a lake in a cirque?
What are two terms for a valley eroded by a glacier?
What is a glacial valley cross section from the erosion on base and sides of glacier?
What is a lake formed in a glacial valley?
What is a long, narrow trough lake?
What is a chain of small round trough lakes?
What is an ocean flooded glacial valley?
What is a narrow-jagged knife-edged (saw-toothed) ridge created by two cirques that have eaten into ridge from both sides?
What is a saddle on a divide or pass (gap) through an arete?
What is a sharp, pyramid shaped mountain peak formed by glacial erosion on each side?
What is a stream valley where a stream drops into trough with the floor notably higher than the floor of the trunk valley into which it leads?
What is a smaller tributary glacial valley, higher up, which did not have as much erosional power? How does the appearance of a hanging valley differ from a hanging trough?
NOTE: The text improperly defines hanging valley!
What is the erosional effect of continental glaciation?
Where and/or when do glaciers usually deposit?
What is the term for all glacial deposits?
What is the term for non-sorted material (size, weight) where it is released directly from the ice?
What is the term for the landforms made of concentrated till?
Complete the statement: all _____________ is ______________, but not all _________________ is __________.
What are the five types of moraines?
What is the thin till which is generally a smooth surface with irregularities formed as the glacier retreats and drops material over the landscape?
What is a rugged ridge or belt of till marking the outermost margin of a glacier?
What is a ridge-like accumulation of till deposited by a glacier along the outer margin back from maximum advance?
What are the two types of end moraines?
What is a ridge built along the edge or sides of glacier?
What is the merging of the lateral moraine of two glaciers?
What is a streamlined hill molded by flowing ice with a shape resembling that of the bowl of a spoon upside down?
Is the pointed and gentle slope side of a drumlin on the upglacier or downglacier side?
What are pieces of rock which are different from the bedrock beneath the surface and which have been brought to an area by a glacier?
In an area of glaciation, what two agents besides the ice are at work?
How do deposits from meltwater differ from those of ice?
What are the three categories of drift deposits?
What term refers to deposits made by meltwater?
What are two types of outwash deposits?
What is a broad, stratified, gently sloping deposit formed beyond a recessional or terminal moraine by streams from a melting glacier?
What is the term for a valley partially filled by glacial drift?
What is formed by the interaction of glacial ice and meltwater acting together?
What are three types of ice-contact stratified drift?
What is a low conical steep-sided hill form when water pours over the edge of a hole in a glacier, with the deposits exhibiting stratification and some slumping caused as the ice melts?
What is a narrow, long, steep-sided, snake-like ridge of sand and gravel formed in a stream channel on or in a glacier?
What is a depression in the moraine formed by an ice chunk which was buried and melted?
What is a wind-blown deposit sometimes associated with glaciation?

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