Use Diagram C to answer the questions.

  • W is a(n): (a) pediment; (b) oxbow lake; (c) lagoon; (d) playa; (e) trough lake.
  • X is a(n): (a) baymouth bar; (b) barchan; (c) parabolic dune; (d) transverse dune; (e) delta.
  • Y is a(n): (a) alluvial fan; (b) baymouth bar; (c) spit; (d) delta; (e) esker.
  • GG is a(n): (a) longitudinal dune; (b) barchan; (c) parabolic dune; (d) transverse dune; (e) pediment.
  • HH is a(n): (a) barchan; (b) blowout; (c) parabolic dune; (d) transverse dune; (e) pediment.
  • The wind direction is: (a) north; (b) south; (c) east; (d) west; (e) not identifiable from this information.
  • The agent which formed X, GG, and HH is: (a) wind; (b) running water; (c) ground water; (d) glaciers; (e) waves.
  • The process which formed X, GG, and HH is: (a) eolian; (b) fluvial; (c) solution; (d) glaciation; (e) wave action.
  • II is a(n): (a) alluvial fan; (b) delta; (c) talus cone; (d) volcanic cone; (e) landslide.
  • The feature at 17 is a(n): (a) horn; (b) kame; (c) barchan; (d) inselberg; (e) terminal moraine.
  • The feature at 18 is a(n): (a) outwash plain; (b) floodplain; (c) pediment; (d) terrace; (e) mesa.
  • The feature at 19 is a(n): (a) disappearing stream; (b) arroyo; (c) esker; (d) arête; (e) ventifact.
  • The stream pattern at 20 is: (a) entrenched; (b) braided; (c) disappearing; (d) dendritic; (e) angular.
  • The drainage pattern at W is: (a) radial; (b) dendritic; (c) centripetal; (d) angular; (e) deranged.
  • The drainage pattern of the stream at 21 is: (a) radial; (b) angular; (c) centripetal; (d) dendritic; (e) deranged.
  • The streams on Y are: (a) tributaries; (b) eskers; (c) distributaries; (d) disappearing; (e) entrenched.
  • Winds are classified as agents of erosion rather than of weathering because they: (a) have nothing to do with the weather; (b) carry rock particles away; (c) work only part of the time; (d) build up rather than wear down; (e) are a process of nature.
  • An arid region which has the maximum relief, alluvial fans, and temporary lakes is: (a) youthful; (b) mature; (c) old age; (d) a pediment; (e) rejuvenated.

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