VOCABULARY: soil; weathering; non-renewable resource; renewable resource; humus; residual; transported; ground water; parent material; climate; topography; organisms; chronological factors; texture; clay; sand; silt; gravel; loam; structure; ped; acidic; alkaline; color; profile; horizon; eluviation; illuviation; leaching; solum; regolith; pedogenic regimes; laterization; podzolization; calcification; caliche; salinization; Great Soil Groups; zonal; pedalfer; pedocal; azonal; alluvium; intrazonal; United States Comprehensive Soil Classification System; Seventh Approximation; generic; genetic; soil orders; entisol; inceptisol; aridisol; mollisol; spodosol; alfisol; ultisol; oxisol; vertisol; histosol

soil--end product of weathering--breakdown of existing surface and near surface materials by natural processes

composed of fine rock particles and organic matter; contains gasses and liquids
formed by organic and inorganic processes
partially decomposed organic matter--humus
soil is well developed where water and vegetation plentiful

permeability--rate at which water passes through a porous material like soil
porosity--amount of space between grains in a rock

ground water--the water contained in the ground and moving through it
usually ground water sinks until a solid or impermeable layer, backs up above it, becomes saturated, forms the water table

water may flow within the permeable layer

Ground Water and the water table