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Department of Chemistry and Geosciences
formerly Physical and Earth Sciences
205 Martin Hall
Jacksonville State University
Jacksonville, Alabama 36265
(256) 782-8063

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Dr. M. H. Hill

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Physical Geography I (GY250/GY252L)
Lecture Section     Laboratory Section
Physical Geography II (GY251/GY253)
Lecture Section    Laboratory Section
Human Geography (GY220) Topics in Physical Geography: Air Photo Interpretation (GY431) (GY431 Air Photo)
Cartography/Map Design (GY308) Remote Sensing (GY302) Research Methods I
Map Reading
Topics in Physical Geography: Urban Physical Environments
Topics in Human Geography: Geography Careers
Natural Hazards
Introduction to Spatial Analysis
GIS 510
Spatial Data Collection and Management
GY459G formerly GIS 520
Analyzing Spatial Networks
GY453G formerly GIS 530
Site Location Analysis
GY454G formerly GIS 540
Topics in Human Geography: Seminar in Human Geography
  Organization and Management of Spatial Systems
GY 455G formerly GIS 550
Spatial Data, Layout, and Display
GY456G formerly GIS 560
Advanced Topic in Spatial Analysis
GIS 570
Directed Research
GIS 580
Concepts in Cultural Geography GY501 Concepts in Earth Science GY510 Other DepartmentsCriminal Justice
Crime Mapping CJ495
Emergency Management
Cost-Benefit Analysis EM 862
Emergency Management
Qualitative Research EM 864

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