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Helpful Materials

Speed writing a paper and improve documentation by creating a reference database and using it to include citations and bibliography with the new capabilities of Word 2007. For an explanatory PowerPoint, see http://www.jsu.edu/depart/geography/mhill/warpspeed.html.

Help with writing a Research Report This material provides an outline to follow, discusses the contents of each section, and includes a sample report for comparison with the outline.

World Map Place Name Drill. Practice your knowledge and build up your skills with place names. Interactive map reviews.

Past course formats: GIS--ArcView 3.3, Basic Mapping (GY317), and Map Reading (GY208)
Advanced GIS; GIS Processing and Theory (GY451a); GIS Accessory Tools (GY451b); GIS Programming and Customization(GY 451c); Web Mapping: Construction and Design (GY451d); GIS Advances and Applications (GY451e)

Physical Geography II lecture support materials from resource manual.

Other Studies

Cumberland, Maryland Topographic Quadrangle in Photos

Auburn Walking Tour Homepage by Dr. Tom Martinson, Auburn University, and Dr. M. H. Hill.
Auburn Walking Tour Essay by Dr. M. H. Hill

The Lunar Eclipse of January 20, 2000.

Paper Presentations

Destroying the Art of Cartography: Mapping Don'ts Presentation at the annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers 2003 web viewing
and for download of the PowerPoint (3.85 M).

Mapping in Microsoft Office: Desktop Mapping from Spreadsheets Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education 2001.

Making and Using Clickable Web-Based Maps for Geography Education: It's Easy Presentation at the annual meeting of the National Council for Geographic Education 1999.

Clickable Maps for Place Name Drill: Web-Based Resources for World Regional Geography Presentation at the Association of American Geographers annual meeting 1999.

Click here to see a sample of my photographic work.

Contact: mhill@jsu.edu
Dr. M. H. Hill, Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, AL

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