Project 5--Computer Dot Mapping

Use your data set from the WWW for the States of the United States that can be freely mapped. A variety of different maps will be produced with this dataset.
Note the address of your data set so that you may include it in the source data provided on the final map product.
A good starting point for government data is
Once you have your suitable data set, downloaded or copied pasted it into Notepad, saved,and imported into Excel format, proceed to the mapping process. Put it into Dbase III format. Excel must be closed when you enter it into the GIS software. Remember, no blank lines and no spaces or unusual characters in field names.

Map 1

Open ArcView.
In a new View, add the data from the GISServer1 AllGISdata for states.shp.
Go to View/Properties/Projections, and choose an appropriate projection for a dot map of the United States.
Open the State's table by clicking on the Open Theme Table icon or menu option.
Click on the table icon on the program window. Add your .dbf 3 file.
Edit your table as necessary to make it functional. (Ask for help when needed.)
Click on the theme window, then on the new table, highlight the column heading with the state names, click on the states' table, and highlight the column heading with the state names.
Click on the join icon in the center right side of the toolbar.
Click on the legend in the view window to open the Legend Editor.
Produce an acceptable dot map with your mapped data. Carefully choose the number represented by each dot by the criteria presented in the text.
Either produce a .jpg and export into Powerpoint to edit your map, or use the layout options in ArcView.
Produce a finished map with all map essentials, appropriate map design, and complete information.

Produce the html pages to hold these documents.

Map 2

Map this same data using ArcGIS/ArcInfo. Again, produce the best map and map design that you can.