Project 3 Projections

Use ArcGIS to complete the attached table. Then produce the two maps as instructed below.

Open ArcGIS with a new view.
Go to the assignment page in Blackboard, download, and unzip the project data.
Add latlong to a map document. Export it as a shapefile.
Add cntry08 to a new map document. Export it as a shapefile.
Turn on both themes by checking the box in front of the theme name.
Using the Layers/Properties/Coordinate System/Predefined/Projected Coordinate Systems/World settings, change the projection to each of the choices below and complete the table. To do this quickly, do not close the Data Frame Properties box, just hit the apply button, then answer the questions.
  1. Behrmann
  2. Bonne (world)
  3. Cylindrical Equal-Area
  4. Eckert IV
  5. Equidistant Conic (world)
  6. Gall Stereographic (world)
  7. Goode Homolosine (Land)
  8. Hammer-Aitoff
  9. Mercator
  10. Miller Cylindrical
  11. Mollweide
  12. Peters
  13. Plate Carree (world)
  14. Robinson
  15. Sinusoidal
  16. The World from Space
Open ArcMap in ArcGIS and go to the help menu. Access "List of supported map projections." How many map projections are listed? __________

List which of these map projections are suitable for the production of a dot map? _____________________________________________________________________________

Map 3A: Customize The World from Space projection in ArcGIS so that it is centered on Martin Hall in Jacksonville, AL (33.82578056°, -85.76383611°). Create a layout of this map with all of the relevant map elements. Save your project as custmprjkn1.mxd in f:\yourname\cart\. Export this map in .jpg format.

Map 3B: Produce an equal area projection outline map of the southern provinces of Canada west of Ontario and including Ontario using ArcGIS. Make a finished layout with complete construction details identified and all relevant map elements. Save your project as custmprjkn2.mxd in f:\yourname\cart\. Export this map in .jpg. Save your work. Upload the two map jpgs to the assignment space in Blackboard.

Name ______________________________________________________

MapProjectionShape of parallels
(straight, circles, arcs, etc.)
Shape of meridians
(straight, circles, arcs, etc.)
Shape of map (round, rectangular, or sketch it)Are poles shown?equal area, conformal or compromiseComments: Make notes to help you recognize this projection.