Project 11--Black and White/Color Comparison

As your next to the last mapping task, produce two versions of the same map, one in color and one in black and white.
The goal of this activity is two-fold.
One: to demonstrate how design considerations differ between the production of these two maps.
Two: to demonstrate your ability to produce maps meeting cartographic standards of excellence.
These are the last map products for the class. The last assignment concerns graph production.

You are on your own on what and how you want to produce this map and where you obtain the data. (I am available for consultation assistance.)
Produce two finished maps with all of the map essentials, suitable map design, and all necessary map elements.

Produce a two paragraph discussion to answer the following two questions.
1) How did production considerations of the black and white map differ from production considerations of the color map?
2) What problems or difficulties did you face in executing this assignment?

Save these maps in .jpg format, and create one .html page to hold both of these documents along with the DISCUSSION QUESTIONS ANSWERED at the bottom of the page holding these maps.