Project 10--Flow Map

Go to Obtain the Merchandise Export Information contained in this table by copying it to notepad and then importing it into Excel.

Your task is to produce a professional quality flow map of the exports to EITHER Canada or Mexico. (Your choice.) Develop your own state groupings, but make that evident on your map.

In Excel, calculate the dollar figures, from the totals and percentages given. Generate a base map in ArcView with an appropriate projection. Export the map in .ai (Adobe Illustrator format). Plot lines as grouped data. You may use the choropleth mapping capacity in Excel to determine your groupings; however, a choropleth map should not be shown as final output.

Move to Adobe Illustrator to produce the flow map with all of the required map elements. Finish your map, turn it into a jpg, create the html pages to hold this document, and include it in your portfolio.