Required Course Materials Summer and Fall 2015

May 4 weekAdvanced Topics in Spatial Analysis: Project Management GIS 570 001 30581
June 6 weekPhysical Geography Laboratory II GY 253 001 0596


Physical Geography I GY250 003 11742 Physical Geography I Laboratory GY252 007 11859
Physical Geography II GY251 002 13671 Physical Geography II Laboratory GY253 004 13672
Concepts in Earth Science GY510 001 11743
Spatial Data Layout and Display GY456/GY456G 001/002 13231/13232 Introduction to Spatial Analysis GIS510 001 11852
Cost-Benefit Analysis EM862 001 12598

GY 250 Physical Geography I: Lecture AND GY252 Physical Geography I: Laboratory

NOTE: YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE ON-LINE PAIR OF COURSES, you should not take one on-line and one on campus

Darrel Hess and Dennis Tasa, McKnight's Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation 11th ed. (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 2012). ISBN 978-0321820433

Dr. Miriam Helen Hill, Resource Manual Physical Geography I Lecture and Laboratory GY250 and GY252 (Jacksonville, AL: Jacksonville State University, 2015 WWW).

Other materials: computer headset (earphones and microphone), webcam, a ruler, basic function calculator, and other such basic classroom and office instruments will be required. MS PowerPoint is required, MS Office 2007 or 2010 is recommended.

GY 253 Physical Geography II: Laboratory

GY 251-GY253 Physical Geography II: Lecture and Laboratory

Advanced Topics in Spatial Analysis: Project Management GIS 570

Concepts in Earth Science GY 510

Spatial Data Layout and Display GY456/456G

Introduction to Spatial Analysis GIS 510

Cost-Benefit Analysis EM 862

*For computer specifications see: