Required Course Materials Summer and Fall 2016


May 4 weekAnalyzing Spatial Networks GY 453 001 30895
June 4 weekPhysical Geography I GY250 001 30963 Physical Geography I Laboratory GY252 001 30964
July 4 weekPhysical Geography Laboratory II GY 253 001 30903


Physical Geography I GY250 003 11664 Physical Geography I Laboratory GY252 007 11773
Physical Geography II GY251 002 13245 Physical Geography II Laboratory GY253 004 13246
Concepts in Earth Science GY510 001 11665
Organization and Management of Spatial Systems GY455/GY455G 001/002 13320/13321 Introduction to Spatial Analysis GIS510 001 11766

GY 250 Physical Geography I: Lecture AND GY252 Physical Geography I: Laboratory

NOTE: YOU MUST REGISTER FOR THE ON-LINE PAIR OF COURSES, you should not take one on-line and one on campus

Darrel Hess and Dennis Tasa, McKnight's Physical Geography: A Landscape Appreciation 11th ed. (Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, 2012). ISBN 978-0321820433

Dr. Miriam Helen Hill, Resource Manual Physical Geography I Lecture and Laboratory GY250 and GY252 (Jacksonville, AL: Jacksonville State University, 2015 WWW).

Other materials: computer headset (earphones and microphone), webcam, a ruler, basic function calculator, and other such basic classroom and office instruments will be required. MS PowerPoint is required, MS Office 2007 or 2010 is recommended.

GY 253 Physical Geography II: Laboratory SUMMER SECTION ONLY

GY 251-GY253 Physical Geography II: Lecture and Laboratory FALL SECTIONS ONLY

Analyzing Spatial Networks GY453

Concepts in Earth Science GY 510

Organization and Management of Spatial Systems GY455/455G

Introduction to Spatial Analysis GIS 510

*For computer specifications see: