GY317 Basic Mapping Class Homepage

Spring 2002 Class Syllabus
Format of a Research Report and sample report for comparison

Answer form for the question assignments.

Lecture 1
Professional Equipment Description of Equipment for the Course
Calligraphy Explanations and Samples

lecture one questions
A--calligraphy assignment
changes coming to materials below

Lecture 2
lecture two questions
B--scale, strides, and Martin Hall

Lecture 3
lecture three questions
C--html homepage

Lecture 4
lecture four questions
D--orienteering and field data mapping

Lecture 5
lecture five questions
E--isopleth mapping

Lecture 6
lecture six questions
F--posting the resume

Lecture 7
lecture seven questions
G--WWW data capture and computer choropleth mapping with MicroSoft Map

Lecture 8
lecture eight questions
H--ArcView Choropleth Mapping

Lecture 9
lecture nine questions
I--reference map

Lecture 10
lecture ten questions
land use mapping and field exploration

The Auburn Walking Tour Homepage by Dr. T. Martinson and Dr. M. H. Hill.
Go directly to theThe Auburn Walking Tour Essay by Dr. M. H. Hill.

Lecture 11
lecture eleven questions
K--images and clickable maps
project instructions grading
a calligraphy grading project a
b project b grading project b
c project c grading project c
d project d grading project d
e project e grading project e
f project f grading project f
g project g grading project g
h project h grading project h
i project i grading project i
j project j grading project j
k project k grading project k
l project l--Portfolio grading project l

Portfolio of Student Work Spring 2001